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Thinking for the future

The final prompt. The final assignment. The reflection. "Mackenzie, you have made it this far!" I tell myself. I remember that "once upon a time" moment when I had to convince every fiber of my being not to drop this class. It got better. The first inquiry challenged me and my thinking. The second tore me apart. "Science rules all" is what I thought. For the 19 years I have lived, English class was always my least favorite - scratch that, the bane of my existence. A very left brain thinker packed into a box full of right brain topics. An epic battle between what is logical and what sparks conversation. I transitioned slowly but surely into someone who thought "well, maybe there is another side to the story" and "well, maybe science does not hold the answers to life's most intriguing questions". Inquiry 3, the main event, challenged me but gave me the taste of what a mix of logic and creativity tasted like. I got to express the facts in every conceivable form to argue a point that I cared about so deeply. I got exactly what I wanted from this course, just a hint of logic, something that made sense to me. Combining a term "rhetoric", so foreign to me prior to January 2017, with facts and figures. Persuasion as they call it. While the task brought be back to my original thinking and comfortable feelings about a subject, I was challenged to write and create with a scope so abnormal. Create an argument with 3 or more views and do not just state the facts, convince the reader. Hitting submit on the final draft gave me a breath of fresh air. I could not believe that this semester was practically over with the largest assignment just submitted.

I write this reflection based on my transition from black and white thinking to a hint of grey. As I continue my over-extended college pursuit into the field of medicine, I think of my long term affects from this course. I not only got a chance to express my thoughts, feelings, worries, endeavors, and challenges with in all the assignments but I also got to open myself up to a new way of thinking. Everything isn't always black or white, sometimes there is a happy medium. The career path I chose involves almost no room for error and many of the times the answer is black or white. I chose a career fitting to my personality. However, the grey area that comes with a medical profession is during problem solving. Rather than thinking that what is in medical journals and textbooks is everything about medications and diseases, I now have an understanding of thinking that comes from the minds of those who CREATE new medications for diseases unheard of. I think of the power of words and conversation in a social society. Not everything has a number to indicate significance. Strength comes from the presentation of yourself with your vast lexicon and use of rhetoric.

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