How to make a website for nothing. Sorta... By the coolest nerd in the universe

When we started this website it was just to make a place to explore the real truths about certain things on the internet. I don't know what it will eventually become, but I would hope that it would be a place where eventually people can be friends and learn about cool solutions to tech related issues. Just please click the links that are provided in the article and try it all yourself? We all can share ideas, and even come up with something even greater. I would love to see who comes up with the best thing. Let me know, and just know you are all cool.

How to make a website yourself. You genius!!!

The main thing you want to consider when making a website is the cost. Some people just have a great idea. Some need to get the word out, and I think having a website is like really having real estate. So with this article I would like to express the idea of freedom to make yourself. This is really to make a basic site. So all you will need is as follows. Just take it easy it is all a walk in the park. You need three basic things and I will explain that all to you in detail.

Trust me it cool.


The domain is where you make the site. It's the place it really is in the web. The dot com for company and org for an organization. You can choose anything you really want to end yours with as well. Depending on what you want to associate yourself with or how you want to convey yourself. Now depending on your name of the company or whatever you want to call yourself your entity. You want to have some content you like that you would like to make available on your site. Well get to all that later right now you need to know where to get a site from. So let's go to where I got mine from.

Freenom ( is a pretty cool place to get your domain to where we can then attach the website to. You can go here and even use there DNS to be better secured on the web as well. That is another article in the making. Well the company is based on some really cool ideals. I support them by actually putting funds towards my site. They only charge me 8 bucks and some change a year to maintain the domain for me. Which is cool. Here is some more from the site that moved me personally to choose them.

Yeah that is what I pay a year for my website. That is just to get started, and trust me you would really be saving more by taking this option. Companies like Squarespace, and Wix can charge you as much I they want depending on what features that you actually need. In this case the only thing you need to do is need to sell. You have a product you would like to get it out let make a secure website for the low. Check out the rates with Freenom? (

Where you are free to make your own choice for those of us that are looking to save, and really don't mind putting in a little more effort. I think they will appreciate this article. Just to to Freenom ( see what your name to your domain is going to cost you. You want to make something short and small. I wish I would have thought of that, but to my surprise there are others that share the name of Nerd Alert, but I'm afraid it a bit more to our scope. We believe in freedom. That is what we encourage in art, and creating. That is what we think this post should be more about is empowering people with a good choice. This is your first step. Once you acquire your domain you will need the next step. Hosting.


The best place to start to get to know yourself is here when it comes to making your site this is the bridge really between you and the domain. To the layman it would be the domain is where the site is keep for the world to see. The Host is the one that decorates, and curates the site. Now you will be able to do this with this site on it's own. Yet you do have other options. is a great site for a beginner with making a website. It has a working C-Panel, and regardless of it rough start it has shown to be great resource especially in being that it's a free service. You can choose to pay to get your site way more secure as well. HTTPS is a paid service, and I would recommend using it, but there is a work around, and I got a better way of making a site than with the Hosting web maker.

With this site we fan use a transferring protocol call FTP for sending the html code for the website when we make it on our alternative make that supports FTP so that we can send the site to it to send to the domain. We will configure it all together to make the domain know that this place is where we will be hosting from. There are instructions on the whole process, and i will show you all the things you will need to know when you get there. It's easy.

Site Builder

Mobirise provides a great modern builder for Mac and even PC. It's the one that I chose to use because it was a affordable way to upgrade to bigger ideas as I got more from my site. I suggest this as a website builder. It's easy, and takes all the hassle of being bothered with learning to much coding the little that you will need to embed Google Analytics, and Microsoft Bing Ads, and etc you can embed them just about anywhere. It's all HTML5 so it's cross compatible with all devices.You can embed thing from your social media, and etc using this. It's especially useful for people that have SoundCloud accounts as it has a plugin that incorporates SoundCloud into it. Great for indy artists to take advantage of to make a more dynamic and more professional approach to there own entities. Now the content to make a website is totally up to you. You can do whatever you want from here on out to make it your own. There are websites like were you can pretty much come up with content on the go on your mobile phone, or on your browser on your computer. Make you a logo, and shoot you some HD pics of your subject that you want to sell over, and instead of taking all the security of it all on yourself for more cost. Just have it sent via Paypal. You can take orders, and all that when you purchase that as a addition to your Mobirise, and link it all together. I will go more in detail as I make this article further. I'm attempting a video of the process.

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