Risky Refigerator Plop plop, fizz fizz, oh, what a risk it is!


Original Edition is Priced At $12.99

Family fun for everyone

Roll A Die

Pick Cards

Mix in anyway you see fit...

Endless Possibilities, Endless Combinations!




Why It's Different

  • Great family game!
  • Great party game!
  • Timeless because it's not a character fad
  • Constantly released Add-ons, helping with expansion
  • It's better than other games because families as well as one person can play.


Additional Boxes include (but are not limited to)...


There are also online add-ons and other decks like this one:

The Mystery Deck

Age Usage

Recommended Age:


This product is not for the faint of heart! Some concoctions may be disgusting! Do not let young children play; Also, we are not responsible for any indigestion, nausea, we are only responsible for fun!
Created By
Matt Puetzer


Created with images by jamalfanaian - "Empty fridge" • Daria-Yakovleva - "background frame food"

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