Ferox Noctus The fierce night

This is where Fierce Night lives.

Fierce Night lives in the Pelogic and Neritic Zones. Some of the abiotic factors in this zone are the sunlight and the temperature. The name containing these two zones is called the Euphotic Zone and it is known for the light that is in the zone.

To show diving.

The traits that my organism has to be well-suited in this zone are the fact that it has great swimming skills and the shell helps my animal adapt to help its swimming. My animal is an excellent diver and can stay underwater for long periods of time since it is cold-blooded and has a very slow metabolism rate. Another reason it is suited for this zone is because in order for my creature to reproduce it has to go on land to lay eggs and have a family.

My organism moves very fast and is a great swimmer, with paddle like fins that can be retractable.

Jellyfish; a food Fierce night eats

My organism is carnivorous. It has a scissor like jaw that allows it to eat soft-bodied animals, jellyfish, and anything of that species.

My organism can range from anywhere 78 to 112 cm.

My organism is a dark blueish with a light blue shell mixed with purple flex. My organism has these colors because his dark blue color helps him blend in with the dark colors of the coral and his shells colors help throw off the sight of predators.

My organism protects itself with its hard shell and fast reflexes of swimming.

My organism is nektonic because it swims with paddle like flippers with hind ones in the back to stabalize its swimming.

breathing bubbles

My organism breathes throw its mouth and nose. It takes one breath and can hold it for while since it is a very great diver and mostly lives underwater.

eggs in burrow

My organism reproduces by going on land to lay eggs. It mostly does it at night because of the high tide which makes it easier for my organism to make it up on land. My organism feels safer on land and feels as though her babies will have a safer and better chance of becoming an adult by starting on land.


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