Love conquers all BY: Kevin Zook

Theme: Love conquers all

Quote: "Even Death has A heart"

My theme which is love conquers all ties into the quote "even death has a heart" because it shows that even the darkest people people have a heart and want love. Death being the person who takes people away after they die can still find love and have feelings for someone even though he is dark and evil

A historic a event that ties into the book that is during World War 2 and the holocaust the leader of the German army or the Nazi party Hitler got married, even though that isn't as big as other historic events it is still big, because someone that dark and corrupted was able to find love even though he is a dark and evil man.

This event is connected to the quote and theme because it shows that love rules over everything, someone so evil and corrupted can still find love shows a lot. This also compares to death because for someone that is evil they can still love and care even if they are cruel and evil and don't seem like people who would ever be into something like that.


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