Go Team OFS Staff...you made things happen!

A huge thank you to Mr Slaughter for organising a really wonderful afternoon / evening. This was a lovely event as parents, realising that they were short of numbers, turned to their trump card...their children!!!

Thank you to staff who threw themselves into a cardiovascular work out! I used the excuse of needing to get a camera at the first interval so that I could avoid a heart attack...I returned to capture moments that won't truly represent the event but show the commitment of the all!

Thank you to the families who supported this evening, what a great way to start the half term break...

Mr Hogg...quite literally hanging in the air!
Mr Slaughter showing Focus and Resilience!
It's a non-contact sport...apparently
Cool calm and collected...
Flying ...again...
it's the small margins...!

Mr Hogg clearly knew where the camera was...that or he had an explosive game! I'm sorry that I only managed to capture the last 5 minutes. What I really loved about this evening is that there will be teachers and fathers returning home to nurse stretched and pulled muscles and calling it a night, whilst the former pupils will consider this a cool down and probably a start to the evening!

Have a wonderful half term break to all...

Tim Calvey