ANZAC day is about the people who went to war and to remember the people who died. We also remember the people who came back alive and watch them march around town.

The people involved in ANZAC day were the ANZAC's and the Turks. The Turks won World War One but the ANZAC's came back and won World War Two.

The war took place in Gallipoli, Turkey. The war started in 1914 but by 1915 the British decided it was to dangerous for their soldiers and decided to retreat.

ANZAC day is important to us because it is the day that we remember all the people who went to war and the people who died at war. During ANZAC day there is a parade to remember these people and to celebrate all the people who came back alive. There is also a dawn service and ancestors sometimes go to cemetery to remember some of their ancestors who died.

Information from Google and Wikipedia.

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