Muslim Inventions By Humnah Ali


Muslims created many modern items such as coffee, algebra, our dinner plates, amazing architecture, and made many contributions to astronomy, etc.

... But some of us may not know that modern town planning was first introduced by Muslims, along with gardens and fountains.

Town Planning

Muslim towns were designed based on four main criteria...

  • Weather/ Landscape
  • Religious/Cultural Beleifs
  • Sharia Law
  • Social/Ethnic groupings


Many cities had a hot climate, and some rocky landscape , which led to the foundation of buildings being strong and flexible, along with narrow streets with lots of shade.

Buildings were built so that they were touching each other, and so that the roofs would provide shade

Religious/ Cultural beliefs

As religion was vital to cultural life, the mosque had a central position in the community. Social and legal issues were handled by the religious elite, who lived close to the mosque.

Sharia Law

Sharia Law was applied to town planning to control social and physical interactions between public and private realms, as well as between neighbors and social groups.

The houses were surrounded by tall fences, as tall as a camel rider, so that nobody could see inside.

Social/ Ethnic Groupings

How and where people lived was based on ethnic origins and cultural views. This way of grouping similar types of people helped to maintain social order, and avoid conflict amongst the diiffrent groups.


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