2016 A year in review

2016 was my second year participating in an online photo-a-day group called "Capture Your 365". Every day, we are given a prompt and are challenged to take a photo to represent it. Here are my favorites from each month.


This day's challenge was to photograph our subjects lit from the side. Joseph indulged me by sitting as my model. My idea was to light just half his face, looking forward, but he looked down momentarily and I snapped the picture. I liked this one best of all of them, as it looks like a painting.


Lily being a black dog, not to mention, the hyper little chihuahua she is, it's difficult to get a good picture of her. Here, she was in the favorite resting spot of both dogs, the footrest of Daddy's chair.


This is one of my favorite photos of a foggy morning outside our window at work.


This is Mollie's favorite toy, Mr. Fish. She is very protective of Mr. Fish, but he disappears for months on end. Then, by chance, he'll be found again, and we have a happy kitty!


In the Spring, these little yellow flowers were EVERYWHERE! I found out that they are a type of goldenrod. I went out into a nearby field when the evening light was golden.


For this day's photo, we were challenged to find words on a wall. I included the window in my shot for more interest, but didn't catch the irony until later!


This day's prompt was "In A Field," though, admittedly, this is actually someone's back yard! I was driving around our neighborhood to find something interesting to photograph, when a deer in this yard caught my eye. I stopped and stood at the side of the road snapping pics as they came closer and closer, watching me carefully the whole time. Eventually, Mr. Bunny bolted and the deer got spooked and ran into the trees.
Another photo from July, simply because this is my project and I can do what I want!! This day's challenge was to find muliple images of one subject. This wasn't the shot I had planned, but, thanks to Mollie's curiosity, I got a really interesting photo.


My hobby of photography has led to a colllection of antique cameras. This is one of them.
Another bonus, just because I can't leave Eddie out!


One of my favorite reasons for taking pictures is that I get to play with toys! When the prompt is "yellow", Minions are a natural choice.


In October, you can expect a prompt like "Spooky". This is a picture of our Mollie, altered in Photoshop.


Autumn at the lake.


Christmas season offers lots of opportunities for creative self-portraits and lots of colorful photos.

Thanks for indulging me! I plan to continue the 365 project for 2017, so stay tuned for more. I hope you enjoy browsing my photos!

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