Farewell Bequeathal A photo essay bY joan mckenna

Seniors announce where to meet their group

This is a special tradition and one of my personal favorites. As seniors, they give out gifts to the younger class men in their club or sport. These gifts are something to help the younger class men or something special to them that they would like to hand down.

Seniors distributed the gifts

Some gifts included hair ties because many people forget their own. Snickers to boost the energy. There were many different types of gifts for each different group.

Softball team hug

Softball gave a certain individual a tire decorated in blue and yellow tape. This tire is a symbol of some memory that happened during softball season.

Hugs and tears

Many sad goodbyes were given this day upon many of heartfelt tears. Lower class men were sad to see their seniors go but they knew they were going off to great places to to great things.

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