The Physical,structural and behavioral characteristics

Goldfish can also stir up the mud and other matter when they feed, which increases the cloudiness of the water and affects the growth of aquatic plants.Goldfish adaptations include the ability to see several different spectrum of light, heightened hearing and eyesight,polarized and motion sensitive eyes, and a lateral line.Goldfish have additional cone cells in their eyes that allow them to see red,green,blue and ultraviolet spectrum.

Description of natural habitat and ecosystems it invades

Native to the eastern Asia, goldfish were first kept as pets in China around the year 960 and have been reared and sold as pets ever since.Goldfish have been introduced worldwide.They are established in the locations through all the provinces of Canada and all of the United States expect Alaska. In Ontario, established populations have been reported along the north shore of lake Erie.

The goldish migrating in the north shore of lake erie

How Invasive Species Migrates To The New Area

The goldfish are able to tolerate fluctuations in the water temperatures and water with low levels of dissolved oxygen.However they are quite tolerant of poor water quality, and may threaten some native species

Invasive Impacts (Negative and/or positive)

The ecology and impacts of goldfish introduced to North America waters have not been widely studied but one thing we do know is that some goldfish can carry diseases as koi herpes virus that can such harm local fish populations.They also have the potential to produce large populations in some situations.

Efforts To Control Invasive Species

  • Ontario's Invading Species Awareness Program

What You Can Do

  • Learn how to identify goldfish and how to prevent accidentally spreading this invasive species.
  • Don’t release any live fish into Ontario lakes, rivers or streams. Return or donate unwanted aquarium fish to a pet store or local school.Inspect your boat, trailer and equipment after each use.
  • Remove all plants, animals and mud before moving to a new water body.



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