When Words Become Art Madileine Malo

"The darkest minds tend to hide behind the most unlikely faces." -Chubs (Bracken, 456)

Alexandra Bracken

  • Born February 27, 1987 in Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Has a deep love for Star Wars and reading
  • Began her first published book, Brightly Woven, as a birthday present for a friend during her sophomore year in college
  • Most famous literary works are The Darkest Minds trilogy (2012) and the Passenger duology (2016)
The Darkest Minds Trilogy


Ruby seems like an average kid- until the morning of her tenth birthday. Something had happened that was so terrifying, her parents locked her in a garage and sent her to a horrifying governmental concentration camp for children- Thurmond. There, Ruby discovers the truth about why most of America's children died and how she got her frighteningly powerful abilities. Six years later, Ruby is discovered as one of the powerful ones and is barely able to escape Thurmond with her life. As Ruby flees further from Thurmond, she finds herself an accomplice to a small group of runaways with the same goal as her- to find the elusive East River, a safe haven for kids with powers. Along the way, Ruby will discover that not everything is as it seems- and that she might have to make a terrible decision. One that could cost her everything.

  • The first book in the Darkest Minds trilogy was published in 2012
  • The Darkest Minds is being produced for film and will debut in 2018
"The darkest minds tend to hide behind the most unlikely faces." (Bracken, 456)

To understand how the quote connects to the story, you need to know what the theme of the story is. The Darkest Minds is centered around a theme of solitude, trust and betrayal. In most of the major events in the protagonist's -Ruby's- life, she's trusted someone and then been betrayed for it. When Ruby was ten, she had an accident involving her parents that led to her capture and imprisonment in the government camp Thurmond. She couldn't trust anyone in Thurmond so she remained an outsider. After Ruby escaped with the help of someone she thought was trustworthy, she was betrayed again. Alone and on the run, Ruby finally meets the group of runaways that she can trust and that trust her. This quote comes near the end of the book, after an enormous betrayal by Ruby's supposed friend and mentor, Clancy. Ruby had trusted Clancy above everything else, even her friends, because he had the same powers as her. However, Clancy used this vulnerability to manipulate her and eventually betray her and nearly kill all of her friends. Ruby's friend Chubs says that "...the darkest minds hide behind the most unlikely faces..." to try to help Ruby process this betrayal and help ease her guilt. Chubs's statement applies to the majority of Ruby's life as she has found betrayal- the darkest minds- behind the most kind facades.

This quote is really relatable, particularly to our society today. The way I see it, most people in society wear one type of mask or another- politicians, businessmen, actors, even high school students.

This art reflects the text because it depicts the 'colors' of the kids' abilities- Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Blue- and it shows the Psi symbol. The Greek letter "Ψ" is what the government uses to represent the kids' powers and the psychic suppression unit. The date, 12/18/2012, was the date that The Darkest Minds was released.

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