Native American Project By: Reilly Hill

Perspective - Native


1. Settlers moving west into native land

2. Broken promises made by the US. Government

3.Fear of Violence between Natives and Settlers


My Name is Red Owl from the Tribe of Sioux and I am wanting this feud between us and the Americans to come to a long deserved end. Many times have I seen men, women, children and friends die from these so called promises, our land forcefully taken and the fear of our hostility. We need a Solution to this prolonged massacre.

Taking Land

The white man took land and moved us somewhere else, but when they discovered a precious metal after we had resettled they pushed us away again. They continue this trend with many other tribes and when they ran out of land they put us they threw us into a confined space with walls around us forcing us to be civil and follow their ways.

Broken Promises

The white man have broken many of our things. They have broken treaties, promises, lives, and our spirit. They now try to break our culture and stray us far from the path we chose to follow. They force us to follow a path they have created where “all men are created equal” but choose to mistreat their fellow man.


They are scared of us. But the feeling of fear is mutual. They have killed more of us then we have them. Every man killed was in pure self-defense. They are afraid of us because of the lies they have been told by their generals and soldiers. They fear because they do not understand. They strive to not kill our physical being now, but our spirit instead. All because they fear what we are.

Solutions that didn't work

Reservations were made to stop the taking of land from the Natives but even then they were moved around the reservations and land was still technically taken from them

Promises were made to give natives back what Americans took for their benefit, a way of trade but these promises were broken such as a promise for a certain amount but they’re given less if any at all

Attempts to stop the fear of the Indians was to destroy the Indian Culture and make the person relatable to the American people. Assimilation was another way to break the fear and allow the Indian to live among the American people. These didn’t work because the Indians believed the whites where mistreating them and removing them from everything they know.


The Americans could have had the reservations work. The Indians were willing to cooperate. If the Americans treat them with care and respect the Natives will compromise and assimilate into the American culture over time. If the Natives have good farming land, teach them how to farm if they don’t already know how. If they land has a rich resource split the prize and don’t just remove natives from even more land than you already have, this will only create more problems. The Americans must be educated in a school setting, in the treatment of fellow man, to treat them as a fellow person and not as an animal, not by their skin tone or religion. Sending Americans to a free school to teach them to be caring. If the Whites/Americans are just told to follow a law to treat them a certain way, when the law possibly goes away they wouldn’t have learned anything and would treat them poorly. They need to learn to treat them how they themselves would like to be treated. With this Americans could be resistant and hesitant but they would begin to understand that no matter their skin tone, they are human too.

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Reilly hill

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