The Journey of a Lifetime The new space X EXPEDITION might have a seat saved for you

During the Space X expidition you will see things that only astronomers have seen before. To help you identify these celestial objects we have included a chart to help you.

To read a Hertzsprung Russell Diagram, you need to know the layout. The x axis is the temperature, while the Y axis is the brightness. The hottest and brightest stars are in the upper right hand corner, but if they are bright but not the hot, they will be in the upper left hand corner. Many stars are grouped together. Main sequence stars cover downward diagonally from the hot and bright to the cool and giants and super red giants tend to be very bright and not that hot, but some may wonder a few degrees left. White dwarfs take up the lower middle, because they stall are very hot, but because they have no fuel, they aren't that bright.


Created with images by skeeze - "andromeda galaxy milky way collision"

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