Whitkirk News! 5th March 2021

A message from Mrs Stout

Happy Friday everyone! Here at Whitkirk we have celebrated World Book Day (brilliant outfits at home and school), prepared for full reopening and managed to enjoy some great learning as well! Monday 8th is a day we have been waiting for and I can assure everyone that we are fully ready to reopen to ALL pupils. There has been a lot of information sent out - to yourselves as parents and carers, to staff, shared with children in class and through remote learning. We have worked hard and carefully to ensure we meet all new requirements as well as existing ones and with this, are expecting that ALL adults on our school site will wear a face covering over their nose and mouth at all times (unless medically exempt). We also expect parents/ carers will keep a 2m distance from other families on the playground and school staff. Please do not be offended if a staff member reminds you to wear a face covering or even passes a disposable covering to you. Equally if you wish to chat briefly to staff members in the playground please do so from a 2m distance and, even better, ring or use dojo to communicate once you are off site.

We need to keep the flow of adults moving through the playground before and after school and following our one way systems AT ALL TIMES and we will be encouraging and reminding you about this every day. This is for everyone's safety - after all, no one wants another full lockdown! As we return, we begin to feel more optimistic about some events returning - sports days, picnic days, welcome meetings for new Reception children, Y6 leavers' event....the future is bright as long as we follow the rules now and we desperately want those things to happen for our children. I hope everyone has a restful and peaceful weekend and Monday 8th is a new opportunity to welcome our Whitkirk family back and get this school once more onto its improvement journey- personally, I cannot wait!

Read, read and read some more! Miss Richardson shares her favourite story:

I found choosing a favourite story to be very tricky, especially with all of the amazing authors out there, but Charlotte’s Web by E.B White is one that really stands out for me. I remember reading this book when I was at Primary School and I was hooked by all of the different animals and their quirky characteristics! What I really love the most is that the story is based all on friendship and helping each other out, something which I think everyone can relate to. The farmers thought that all the animals were just ordinary animals, but they were in fact very special and could do amazing things when they worked together. Could you imagine visiting a farm with lots of talking animals? The main characters are Wilbur the Pig and Charlotte the Spider. Charlotte is a very smart, kind and helpful friend to Wilbur and Wilbur is funny and friendly, but is unsure of what goes on at the farm. There is also a human character called Fern, a kind little girl who loves animals and visits the farm all the time and is the only human who knows about the animals’ hidden talents. One day, disaster strikes and Wilbur is in trouble. Will Wilbur escape the disaster? The story is well and truly a rollercoaster of emotions, but it is a definite read for all animal lovers!

Let's see what our classes have been up to this week:


This week in Reception, the children at school found an enormous letter and a golden trail that led to an envelope labelled 'magic beans'. The letter was from a giant who explained that a naughty boy called Jack had chopped down his beanstalk! The giant had left us some magic beans to grow. All the children in Reception have been busy planting seeds. We have been writing our own instructions on how to plant seeds too. We're looking after our plants by watering them and putting them in the sun. We have been observing our plants regularly and recording what we see in our bean diaries. At school, we even made our own giant beanstalk and measured how long it was!


As mathematicians, Year 1 have started their measurement topic this week! We have been using vocabulary such as ‘longer and shorter’ to describe and compare lengths, as well as ‘taller and shorter’ to describe and compare heights. The children put on their investigation caps this week to estimate and find out how long objects in the classroom were. They used both cubes and paper clips to measure as a non-standard unit.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the children and adults for being so amazing during our time doing remote learning. The children have been a credit to themselves, their parents and the school. They put a smile on my face every day with their can-do-attitudes, resilience and love of learning and sharing! They have made what could have been a very uncertain and strange experience for us all; a very enjoyable one. Roll on the 8th March when we can all see each other properly again - I am very much looking forward to seeing the whole of our class and KS1 team together again at school - Mrs Diop

A special mention must go to Sofia Deighton, who has completed some really tricky Maths work this week on measuring.

What a wonderful week! It has been busy as usual and the children have made great efforts in all areas of learning. In English, we revised suffixes and learnt about apostrophes for possession and used this to compare the animals in the story “The Lion Inside.” In Maths, we have been working on Multiplication and Division followed by collating data and representing it in Tally Charts and Pictograms. In Geography, we have been learning about different climate zones and we created passports in preparation for visiting different climate zones over the next couple of weeks! Mrs Gale and Mrs Williams are so proud of how far the children have come despite being in lockdown and juggling home learning with in school learning! The resilience and tenacity is inspiring and we have enjoyed every minute of teaching them. We cannot wait to welcome them back into school next week. Thank you to the parents for all your support so far.


Year 3 have thoroughly enjoyed their last week of both remote learning and bubbles in school. All the staff are completely blown away by the positivity and determination the children have shown since the beginning of January. We really are so proud of you all. Everyone is really engaged with our new topic 'Why does Italy shake and roar?' and in Art this week, the children created some fantastic volcano sculptures using all sorts of interesting household and garden materials! Miss Baker and Miss Tomlinson have loved celebrating World Book Day. It has been fantastic to see so many children dressing up as their favourite characters and entering the potato competition (it was so hard to choose a winner!). We have spoken a lot about the transition to welcoming everyone back into school next week and we may even have some little surprises ready in the classroom made by the children who have been in school! We can't wait to have the classrooms full of laughs and smiles once more!

This week in Year 4, we have continued to delve deeper into our class text, Stitch Head. Using ideas from the story, we are designing our own weird and wonderful creatures which we are building up to write descriptions of. The ideas the children have been sharing to describe these creatures are fantastic! They truly are becoming authors - thinking carefully about the impact of their word choices on the reader. In Science, we have been exploring the teeth of different animals and what they tell us about their diet. The children always impress us with their enthusiasm for Science and the questions they ask to explore something in more detail. Each day this week, we have been sharing our thoughts and feelings about the return to school next week. Our Year 4 team are incredibly excited to have everyone back together!


Year 5 have a confession to make… we are officially addicted to Reading! We were so excited about World Book Day this Friday and a little bit impatient, so preparations began on Monday-not sorry! It all began when Jim Jarvis, who is from our class text (Street Child) helped us step back in time with the Victorians. Mrs Coggan ended up taking us all on a trip to Hogwarts (virtually), we gave the potatoes a run for their money when we designed them into our favourite book characters, and you'll never believe it-Gangster Granny decided to make an appearance too on Walliams Wednesday! It's been book madness! We have enjoyed celebrating our favourite stories and letting our imaginations run wild this week. Year 5 know that every reading addict knows that a little bit of fun word play can brighten up even the dullest days and we had so much fun creating some of our very own. Here is one of our favourite jokes from earlier this week. Why don’t readers have extra time? Because they’re always fully booked. It’s been said before, and we’ll say it again... Year 5 you are all truly AMAZING! Get ready Whitkirk, Year 5 are coming back with some serious firepower! 💪

Well we didn't know what to expect when we all began our remote learning, and we are definitely excited to be returning to school, but we have all felt a little bit sad that this has been our final week of remote learning. This week we have reminisced about all of our highlights and have remembered some truly wonderful moments. One memory that was added to the list from this week was our learning with toilet roll - yes, toilet roll! For an extra special challenge some of the children used a full roll of toilet roll to create a timeline of the earth's key moments, starting 5 million years ago at its creation and coming all the way up to the emergence of humans 10,000 years ago. We even had some people on the pavement, lining toilet roll all the way down their street! What an experience! We've had a really challenging week learning algebra in maths; some people have loved every moment whilst others have found it a bit more challenging. However, every single person has really considered our school value of achievement (and 6SB's SHAMALLAMA!) and tried their absolute hardest, never giving up and showing a determination to be the best that they can be. What an incredible week to end our final remote learning. All of the adults cannot wait to see everyone's faces again on Monday. We wanted to say a mammoth well done to each and every one of the Year 6s. See you Monday!

Star of the Week!

Take care everybody and have a super weekend - we can't wait for a full house on Monday!

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