Exploring the World First time experience at the Harns Museum

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist: Paula and Marshall Criser Garden by Juchiteca de pie (1965) is one of the art works that stood out to me the most. The medium and technique of this work was very unique that I could easily find the great meaning to the piece of art. The artwork is, unlike any others, outside as in the garden. This unique technique serves as a great mean to reach out to the viewers as it speaks the purpose of the artwork. The garden was designed by landscape designer Aaron Lee Wiener who incorporated the use of foreground, middle ground, and background to frame the sculpture. From this garden and the piece of artwork, I could sense the designer's characteristics and his architectural ways.
Design of the Museum:Out of all the great exhibits the Harns provided, this exhibit in particular appealed to me the most because it had the collection of Korean art pieces. Although I did not know or recognize all of the art pieces, I could relate to them because I have seen them in the old Korean books I read when I was very little. Since I knew some of the history related to the pieces because of my grandmother, it was very fascinating to look at each pieces. In my opinion, I think the china and the drawings reflect the Korean culture very well. I could easily sense the country's traditional ways of practicing religion by looking at the statue of Buddha. It also made me think about the book Siddhartha since Korea has a deep rooted tradition of Buddhism.
Art and Core Values: One of my core values was honoring the family. This piece, Funeral by Stuart Robert Purser, made me picture my core value since my beloved grandmother passed away 6 years ago. By looking at the drawing, I could sense the mourn from its generally neutral/darker tone. It has full of sadness to the picture; however, I could sense that the picture is conveying the idea of honoring the family. I chose this piece to be the most appealing because it reflected one of my core values very well. It evoked the sense of mourn yet the gratitude of the beloved member.
Art and the Good Life: This painting, Beach Scene by Charles Herbert Woodbury, evoked the theme of the good life. I thought this drawing was a great example that conveyed the idea of good life because the beach conveyed the idea of peace, rest, and happiness. I believe that one of the main theme and the important values of the good life are happiness. A person seeks a 'good life' for the ultimate satisfaction and happiness. I think this art piece showed very well that a life at the beach or at least the experience at this beautiful beach scene is what a person could reach out and seek for.

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