The Election of 2016 John Mcbride, john Napolitano, brian judge, evan lazzaro

The election of 2016 will go down as one of the most dirty political disputes of all time. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton faced off for the most powerful political position of all time. Just like how Caesar and Pompey vied for the support of Cicero, These candidates sought the support of the common people of America.

A letter from Donald Trump to the common people of America (adapted from Caesar's letter to Cicero)

Donald J Trump

Although I need to hurry, and I have already sent ahead volunteers to the voting booths, I could not pass up the opportunity to write you and thank you, although I have already done this and I see that I will be doing this more often in the future. You deserve this from me. First of all, because I believe I will get to the city very quickly, I expect to see you all there at the rally, and I will be able to utilize your voices, your merits, and the help of all of your votes. Please excuse the haste and brevity of my writing, because I am busy fighting for you, the American people.

We chose the letter from Caesar to Cicero for this section because the style of the original letter is shadowed by Mr. Trump's attitude towards the voters. Just as Caesar gained the favor of Cicero by thanking him often, Trump gained the favor of voters by thanking them for their support for America.

Hillary Clinton sends greetings to the American People (adapted from Pompey's letter to Cicero)

Hillary R Clinton

If you, the American People, are well, it is good. I have eagerly read your emails, and have recognized in them your former courage even now for the common welfare of America. The volunteers have reached the voting stations which are stationed around America. I strongly encourage, because of your extraordinary and continuous concern for the future of America, that you should vote for me, and that, by overcoming prejudices, we may bring help and aid to our country. I think that you should travel by any means necessary to reach the voting centers as quickly as possible.

For the structure of Hillary Clinton's letter to the American people, we chose Pompey's letter to Cicero. We did this because of the method with which the writers of the letters tried to gain the favor of the addressed. Pompey tried to get Cicero's support by urging Cicero to join him. Similarly, Hillary Clinton tried to gain the favor of the American people by urging them to vote for her, rather than giving them a reason to vote for her

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