It's A "Lifetime" Atychi junious

The search is on. I'm looking for specific things in my housing.. I like to be grateful for what I want but always be very picky.

I'm looking for for something affordable, that has isolated space, has great appearance around my garden,the size, style, number of rooms, has a decent view, great parking, a good neighborhood and a few bathrooms. I want to make my house the most comfortable spot as possible for me.

My occupation is being a marriage counselor. The reason that it'll be a job of mines is because I'm a firm believer in peace and love and communication. All three can help with a lot in life though may situation.

I have an income of 83,000. My down payment is 17,000. My credit score is 660.

I live in Miami Florida on 17501 SW. I have 2 bed rooms and 3 bathrooms and my rent is $1,590 each month.

After doing the math with everything as far as rent and utilities etc.. I think I may be a little over in debt with money payments. My option would be to save more and spend less to afford it.

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