It began with the brush stroke of a six year old. 40 years later and i Am still leArning What art means..

Mixed Media - Draw, Paint, Sculpt, Digital.
Greif becomes inspiration. I know her. She and I danced on many cold nights.
Ducks can't fly this way.
Clay sculpture acrylic. After Exxon Oil Spill that covered the local wild life in thick black sticky tar.
White Chalk Meets Black Construction Paper.

I was told I would be an artist for as long as I can remember.

Oppression of women through a ban on birth control.
A demonic priest screams out blame.
Man the Machine.

Acrylic on foamcore 4'x4' 1994

My Left Foot

Lady Fashion Marker ILLUSTRATION

A Father's Disappointment.

Woman Under Water

White Chalk on Black Paper

It's more than a journey it's more than paint on a page, it's blood that lands in a pool at your feet on the worst of days.
Matthew "Buzz" McLemore
Created By
Buzz McLemore


Photo: Stacy Schupan | Matthew McLemore

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