BLM Sit-In inaugration protest

The Black Lives Matter group had a very big turn out for the protesting of PresidentĀ DonaldĀ Trump's Inauguration. Police used pepper spray to control the crowd, some of whom were armed with crowbars and hammers, authorities said. A total of 217 people were arrested by early evening in what were the most violent episodes of the day involving protesters and police. Police said six officers suffered minor injuries, including three head injuries caused by rocks and other projectiles. The purpose of this event from my view point is that they were upset a "racist" president was going into office and they wanted that to change. D.C. interim Police Chief Peter Newsham talked about all the damage that had been done to many small business store fronts. Patrick McGuire, 37, of Baltimore, said he was was hit point blank by something thrown by police. Multiple groups of protesters had come together quickly, he said, and the situation escalated quickly. "The pain is so great, you have no expectation of the pain ever ending," he said.

This BLM group will continue to fight for their equality until they think they think they have gotten it. Started from this, I have seen a Blue Lives Matter group come up which is trying to protect police from this kind of stuff from happening. This is similar to what happened 1960's with the bus boycott. It caused an uprising and people started to follow. It will be a few years down the road till all of this is figured out but when it does America will be stronger than ever.

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