smash some shit The Bold Babe's Frustration Freedom

Fuck this Pandemic. Smash the Patriarchy. Riots Before Diets.

Whatever your flavor of frustration, let's let some of that out, hmm?

I've booked a storage unit in Ashland MA and we're going to channel our Harley Quinn, 'I'm not your baby girl', anti-pandemic destructive needs and fuck some shit up.

choose your weapon:

hammer. baseball bat. mallet. scissors. thowing arm. kickin' ass. literal tearing.

and what are we breaking?

bring something fun: mirror, dishes, old photos, a scale, clothes that don't fit anymore, whatever your smashy heart desires...

Sunday March 7, 2021 OR

Wednesday March 3, 2021

@ The Cube Smart Storage, Ashland MA


4 spaces only!

Includes: 30 min session with the me in the storage unit (and hallway), 5 digital images, remote reveal session & fully edited gallery to order more from.

You'll have the option at your reveal of purchasing more digital images, an album, & adding a la carte products.

CLICK THAT BUTTON ABOVE to book this super limited, unique session!

Concerned about Covid? Here's a brief overview of how we're taking precautions:

Mask wearing for your photographer and mask-wearing by you when we are not actively shooting, time between sessions to clean and disinfect along with a UV wand, on-hand (ha!) sanitizer and regular use, more verbal directing and demonstration and less physical adjustments of clothing and body, limiting number of sessions per day, temperature checks and pre-session screenings, and no fee for the need to reschedule for possible covid contact and concerns. Negative test or quarantine required for travel from out of state.

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