The coug gazette A Wazzu Racing Update

week of april 16

Less than 20 days until the fsae competition in michigan!

With finals quickly approaching, the team was extremely productive this past week. Though we are a bit behind schedule, we plan to have the car completed and on the ground by this Saturday for the first test drive day!

Last week, we gave our old #127 car to WSU Vancouver to help them start their own formula hybrid team. They came out to Pullman for a visit to chat with our team about tips and advice on running a formula team. We hope the best for you Vancouver, see you on the race track!

Composite layup

Conor Murnane, frame/body/aero team lead, James Goding, Wazzu Racing Vice President, Justin Graf and Paul Sluss put in a lot of time into doing a composite layup on the foam mold.

This is a fabrication method to create the body's shell. The process involves combining layers of fiber with liquid resin to create a high quality laminate.

After the layers are added, curing happens. This can be done at room temperature or accelerated with an oven.

We went with a black frame this year and plan to paint the body white with red stripes.

Photo courtesy of Kevin Basler

Timm Von Derau, member of the suspension team, finished the front uprights and camber brackets.

Finished uprights, photo courtesy of Timm Von Derau

Ryan Underwood, on the powertrain team, finished the differential mounts.

Photo courtesy of Ryan Underwood

Our team has put in a lot of hard work these past couple weeks, working fast to get the car done and on the ground. These full-time engineering students are preparing for finals while investing time into building a race car, keep up the good work team!

The work we do everyday could not be done without the help and support of our sponsors. thank you! Our team members can continue to gain vital experience because of you.

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