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Prokol Polymers UK were approached by one of its existing clients to look and provide a solution for long standing issue with water ingress to three asset tower block buildings on there flagship site. It was established from the brief and survey documentation over the years the key problem was failed expansion joint detail’s, this was on nearly all of the 2200 mm x 600 mm pre-cast external concrete panels. This issue was allowing water to ingress into resident’s properties causing internal damage and damp but more serious issues were around the building’s structural integrity. This problem was consistent over all three tower blocks on north and south facades.

The client’s agent Martin Arnold LLP was asked to prepare a feasibility statement to look at projected costs and time frames and compare them against all options. Choosing the Prokol Polymers UK system technical consultants from Prokol were invited to carry out a full survey with Martin Arnold, this was in order to produce a robust specification supported by a full scope of works, quality plan and associated fixed cost model for the entire project.

Once the budget was agreed It was crucial from Prokol Polymers point that key pre-project testing was carried out as part of the specification criteria, this testing was paramount and would ensure a competent solution was delivered long term. High attention was paid to this pre-application test program, which included sporadic facade sampling that was carried out to all three blocks using the complete specified system for full assessment. The three buildings north & south facades where spray coated with patches of the complete system build up in 2 m2 areas at 3 mm DFT (dry film thickness) directly to the building pre-cast panel substrate to assess adhesion properties. Using calibrated equipment Prokol required the minimum adhesion value of around 3.9 mpa (highways standard being 1.2 mpa) to move forward with the application, the results from the pull test were actually over double the required standard allowing Prokol to move forward with final specification and program of works.

The Concrete Face Failed Not The Specified System

Facade Pull Test

The Planning & Site Set Up - Works Begin To Take Shape

Prokol Polymers UK & Approved Applicators ECO Southwest Team Meeting
Facade Pre-Application Image

The Program Begins

Contamination Removal

Application Phase One

Instead of expensive scaffolding for access Prokol Polymers approved applicators used a cradle system used for a previous application, this gave a huge cost saving and would shroud the building in unsightly steel tubing blocking out natural daylight. Resident’s consideration played a key part of the operation in keeping possible complaints from London Quadrants call center so this needed to be managed delicately.

Part of the specification was to remove any hereditary carbon & contamination deposits that had built up over many years, this was done by means of clean steam & power washing with the waste water filtered and harvested directly into the planters and communal green areas.

Communal Green Areas

Application Phase Two

Phase two consisted of further testing at higher and middle sections of the building as part of a belt & braces approach, further calibrated adhesion testing was carried out on the first south elevation block one before full seamless encapsulation was progressed.

Application Phase Three

The CE Certified Pure Polyurea Seamless coating process begins

The Prokol Polymers specified system on this application was quite complex and designed fit for purpose, after the de-contamination process was complete the approved applicators began to roller apply the key base components as part of the waterproofing system. This consisted of a primary Prokol TX-Adhesion Promoter used to enhance high bond where contaminates & silicones may still be present in the substrate, next stage Prokol Rocapox EP Resin UNI was applied, this is a two component solvent free transparent de-foamed epoxy resin which is engineered to chemically inter link with the Prokol TX-Adhesion Promoter. Following this the final base product of Prokol Rocapox Epoxy Gel was applied, this is paste system 100% solvent free epoxy resin that creates a barrier for any trapped moisture behind the primers, any existing moisture would dissipate naturally.

At Primer Stage The Blocks Facades Were Fully Waterproof

Direct To Substrate Application
The Colours of L&Q Building Match a Mark of Respect

The Final Seamless Hydrophobic Waterproof Memebrane

Finally the last phase of the application can be complete ready to seal the substrate and put back the original colour finish. The Prokol Polymers CE Certified Hydrophobic Pure Polyurea 136T seamless coating with 8 second cure was especially formulated to match the clients existing building colour and is fully UV stable, although glossy initially it is designed to matt to match in with the existing paint finish.

The CE Certified Pure Polyurea also has 330% elongation properties to allow for thermal movement or thermal shock and any building expansion & contraction demands there might be. The coating will also strengthen the building via conatinment and has high bond adhesion factors per millimeter.

Hydrophobicity Explained

Prokol Pure Polyurea Will Strengthen Brickwork by 75% & Concrete by 50%

Application Information

The approved applicators work from a sophisticated computerised piece of spray equipment that is static and self sustained in a commercial van, the computer mixing the twin components competently then heats them to warm temperature (no hot works license required) and feeds them to a spray gun unit along 400ft of pre-heated flexible pipe, the Prokol CE Certified Pure Polyurea is then mixed at the end of the spray gun and delivered onto the required substrate. When the application has stopped the approved applicator team place the equipment on a recirculation mode which feeds the products separately back around the equipment resulting in zero waste.

Important Note: Prokol Hydrophobic CE Certified Pure Polyurea is Fully Inert has Zero VOC's (Volatile organic compounds) No odours manufactured using green chemistry and has full life cycle analysis.

The Finished Application

Seamlessy Fully Waterproofed with Years of Problems Rectified Quickly Minimum 30 Year Manufactuer Warranty

Completed Prokol Application

Finally the buildings were snagged and picture framed in a clean white topcoat to complient the finish, what little site set up was dismanteld on the final block and the works were complete.


  • Total Application Area: 7000 m2
  • Application Monitored Constantly by Prokol Polymers UK for Quality & Client Sign Off
  • Total Project Cost of Membrane System Application Inc Access £980,000 (L&Q compared Prokol Polymers cost option against existing costs submitted by others for external insulation and render application waterproofing system, this was up to three times the cost with scaffold access with limited warranty, also the client had an issue using the render system on another application that saw cracking 6 months post project will more water ingress)
  • Duration of Works 140 Working Days (Including inclement weather issues)
  • Zero Defects
  • End of Defects March 2016
  • 30 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Application Performance Inspected Annually by Prokol Inspectors for 30 years.

Client Comments:

“Been great working with you guys also – fantastic teams and product – Collaborative working at it’s best!!” Planned Project Manager Tony Williams of L&Q Technical Services Department

Prokol Polymers are an ISO Registered Company

www.prokol.co.uk - info@prokol.co.uk

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