The Local Governemnt of Pittsfield, Wi. Alex charniak

My local government issues consist of...

Local road repairs, lights for our local park, town hall maintenance needs, permit reviews, and fire department needs.

Lights for parks: The local government of Pittsfield, Wi wants to install 400 watt lights at the local park. The light would be installed to provide light at night for people in the park

Town hall maintenance: The town hall holds many events and meetings. Because of this, the town hall needs many supplies to provide an area where a meeting can be held and completed successfully.

The town hall address is: 3041 Kunesh North Rd, Pulaski, Wi. 54162

Permit reviews: The local government of Pittsfield, Wi is reviewing many permits that need to be handed out. This is happening because the correct requirements have to be gone through and insured before the permit can be handed out.

Fire department needs: The fire department is in need of a new fire truck. The new truck has payments of $30,703 that the local government is trying to pay for. They are also in need of small supplies and don't know how to get them.

The issue I am covering: Road repairs are a really big issue for Pittsfield, Wi. Recently Pittco Rd. Was repaired because of the building damages being done by snow plows, garbage trucks, vehicles, etc. The town of Pittsfield accepted a bid of $165,518.30 strictly for road repairs. They plan to fix S St. Augustine St. we're repairs need to be made. Pittsfield also wants to team up with the village of Howard to repair their local roads that are becoming driving hazards.

My opinion: I feel that the local government should repair all roads that need to be repaired with the budget that they have. Roads should be made as safe as possible and with pot holes and cracks, bumps and divots, this is not being insured. There are also teenagers in the area that are just ,earning how to drive. We need to make sure our roads are made safe to protect the people of of neighborhoods.


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