Life at the shop By: Stephen cone

For me, going to the barber shop is like no other experience. You get to kick back, laugh , and discuss any and everything with different groups of people, all while getting groomed and coming out the barber shop not only looking better but feeling better too.

"When people come to the barber shop they are expecting more than just a haircut, they want an experience"

When I first met Burlie I was a 16 year old junior in high school with a really bad edge up. I heard about him through my friends and decided to give him a try. Little did I know, that he would become a life long friend. What makes Burlie different than any other barber I've encountered was his personality. I can't tell you how many times I've been bent over crying laughing at him. But he's also not just a part time comedian, he's wise, honest and open about his life and if you stick around long enough he will teach you a thing or two about life.

"Hard beginnings"

When Burlie was a young boy his mother was taken away from him; a pain no one should have to go through. Having a father who was in and out of prison , it was up to his sister to raise him. "I don't have it easy, never did.All my life I had to fight and struggle to get to where I'm at today"

"The Process"

It has been a long journey for Burlie to achieve overcome the obstacles he has faced throughout his life. And the first step to overcoming his battles was cutting hair. Burlie started cutting hair when he was younger, and once he graduated high school he went to barber school to become a barber.

"Master your craft"

Burlie understudied a man by the name of Steve Saucer. Steve taught Burlie a lot of his early techniques on barbering and how to go about the business of being a barber. Steve became and still is a big influence in Burlie's life. Burlie often refers to him as his mentor .

After sitting under Mr. Saucer, Burlie branched out on his own and began perfecting his own craft and skill. Now Burlie has developed a personal look and style that is easily recognizable throughout the city of Dayton .

"Razor Cuts"

Here is a picture of Burlie using a razor blade, trimming and defining a clients hair line. The razor blade is as old as barbering itself. The blade Burlie is using is a modern version of the blade this tool is easier to use and isn't as sharp and uncomfortable on the customers face and skin.

"A Steady Hand"

The last thing you want to do is make a mistake on someone hair. So it takes precision and steady hand to make sure you do not mess up . When Burlie first started cutting hair he said it took him almost 45 minuets to do a haircut . Now Burlie can cut a within 10-15 minuets.

"Almost there"

"I'm like Picasso with the clippers" A focused Burlie, putting finishing touches on a bald fade.

One of my favorite haircuts is the bald fade. A Skin Fade is any haircut that blends to skin on the sides. A good barber makes the fade , seamless.

"More than just a barber"

"I'm more than just a barber" said Burlie when asked what has he learned over the years about being a barber. "Some days I have to be a counselor , comedian , life coach, best friend, and a minister all in one. Most days the last thing I am is a barber. I've learned that in life you have to take it one day at a time and keep what is most important to you close and cherish it"

"The Final Cut"

Burlie is now owned his own barbershop, great husband to his high school sweetheart, and amazing father to 5 beautiful kids. "Looking back on my life I would have never thought in a million years I would have been able to overcome the trails that have been placed in my life, but yet I'm still here, standing".

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