King v. Burwell Reed jackson + laura mcclure


David King was part of the Virginia Residents, he said that the tax credits were too high, so he tried sewing the Federal Government. But, Sylvia Burwell, Who represented the Federal Government, said that it was unconstitutional.

Side 1: David King

King sued the Federal Government for the tax credits being too high.

David King

Side 2: Sylvia Burwell

Sylvia was the representative for the Federal Government while King was suing, and said that his suing was unconstitutional.

Sylvia Burwell

The Supreme Court Decision

6-3 Ruling. The court declined the ACAś challengers arguments.

Supreme Court

Laws of the country

Tax credits are eligible for citizens for insurance bought, but it will be state run, and federally facilitated.


Culture of the country

Not setting up a state run exchange would come out with the loss of tax credits to the states people, but that was never even a possibility.



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