Portraits By: hannah reynolds

This picture of Mercedes is using Natural light from window. I didn't use the flash because i already had light.
This Portrait of Mercedes is using a wall. She is not directly behind the wall but still leaning on it.
This is a picture using the outside world. Mercedes is standing on a wall while leaning on the Bluejay in the front of the school.
This is a picture of the back of Mercedes head. Its not 100% focus but it is allows you to see whats going on.
This picture includes a good understanding of who Mercedes is. She's a well rounded student who is apart of the managing program for sports. JCHS is her home.
Mercedes in leaning against a wall. She is in the room that drama uses for props and tools.
This picture uses flash. Mercedes is standing on a stair case near Shenk Gym.
This picture consist of Mercedes in her natural environment. Her natural environment which is being apart of the boys basketball team as a manager.
This photo was taken outside where im not needing to use the flash to get lighting. Mercedes was happy for the bright and warm weather.

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