Domain Eukarya classification and taxonomy

Kingdom Animalia

Animals don't have cell walls

  • penguins are flightless birds,instead of using their flippers to fly ,they use them to swim.
all animals are multicellular

all animals are heterotroph

all animals are motile

all animals reproduce sexually

humans are considered animals

Even though polar bears fur appears white,it is actually black.Their fur is transparent.

Emu's are the second largest bird in the world

Chameleons can blend into anything they are around,this is a great way to hide from predators and it will make it easier to catch their prey.

Kingdom plantae

This is a Venus fly trap,when insects land on them the mouth of this plant closes and kills the insect.

All plants are multicellular

Blue bonnets! Our state flower!

Some plants produce sexually ,and some produce asexually.

Lily pads scientific name is Nymphaeaceae.

These are elephant ears, they call them that because well, they look just like them.

Plants are nonmotile

Kingdom plantae is the second largest kingdom.

Vines climb up things to get more sunlight.

There is about 250,000 plant species.

Kingdom fungi

The word fungus is latin word for mushroom

Fungi are nonmotile

They reproduce sexually and asexually

They are unicellular,and RARELY multicellular.

Fungi have cell walls made of chitin

This is a fungus that has taken over someones eye

There is an estimated amount of about 1.5 billion fungi.

This type of fungus is called a devils finger fungi.

This is a killer fungi on a bush cricket.

Fungi are all heterotrophic.

Kingdom protista

They all reproduce asexually

Some are autotrophic and some are heterotrophic

Some are uni & multicellular

Some are motile & non motile

Many protist act as pathogens to humans

Motile and nonmotile

the disease Malaria is caused by protist

Protist are a group of organisms that don't fit into the other kingdoms that's why they have their own.

Some eat food and digest it internally,others digest their food outside of their bodies.

Protist as a group have very little in common


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