How to Spot & Prevent Cyberbullying A PSA by: noah Stocker

  • Cyberbullying is a serious problem, with most kids getting phones around age 10.
  • 87% of our children have witnessed cyberbullying while online.
  • 42% of teens have reported being cyberbullied in the past year alone.
Not quite how it works.
With Mobile Phones becoming more common among people, cyberbullying can be hiding in someone's pocket.
  • Many times, teens and children are scared to tell their parents because of worries that nobody will care, won't believe them, and many other reasons.
25% can be a lot, especially when you realize some may not want to say they're cyberbullied.
Girls are more likely to get cyberbullied overall.
  • One of the most famous cyberbullying cases is of Amanda Todd.
  • Someone posed as a friend of her's, and convinced her to send him nude pictures. She was only in the 7th grade.
  • She attempted suicide by drinking bleach, but survived.
  • It was only after she moved schools TWICE, each time with the bully posing as a local student and posting more pictures, that she successfully committed suicide in October of 2012.
End Cyberbullying by Standing with victims, and reporting anyone to a trusted person.


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