Building Influence

What we can influence....
our 50% of the equation

Below are some key ideas about how as mentors we can be mindful in our approach to “the complex dynamics of human interaction” that shape all of our relationships.


Knowing how we respond internally and externally is the 50% of the equation we can influence in any human interaction. Just like with students, we can make conscious choices to inflate or deflate challenges we encounter in interacting with our colleagues.

Power of Listening

Simply being “present” and attending fully is an integral part of establishing the relational trust that is an essential component of any mentoring relationship.

Attributes Based Approach

By purposefully seeking out the strengths and attributes our colleagues possess we empower not only the people we are working with, but continue to engage in our own learning and growth. We have so much to learn from and with each other!


In a nutshell, by taking care of ourselves we have more to give to others. Sounds simplistic, but sometimes there are deep truths in simple ideas. Basic things like daily physical activity, reflection, nutrition, and laughter are powerful gifts we can give ourselves, those we mentor, and ultimately the students we serve.