Kylie Wood & Cierra Mcmahon 7'th period

Nile River: The Nile River is very important To us. we also use the Nile River for Fertile land so we can grow our Crops. and we use the Nile river to clean the mummy's body. we also use the Nile river for Drinking. and the Nile river has a lot of Water.

Egyptian landmark: The pyramids are near the desserts,that were built 5,000 years ago. They were used to build temples and honor house gods, as well to honor pharaohs. The pyramids were useful in pharaoh life and it was built as tombs for the afterlife.

Egyptian religion: They took the body and washed it in the Nile river. They also took out the organs and put them in canopic jars. Then they stuff the body with linen and hay and wool. Then they oiled the body, then they put natron all over the body and wrapped it with linen and kept on doing it for 70 days and put it in the coffin.

Egyptian fast facts: Gold made lots of things. Pharaohs are the kings but this word pharaohs also meant . Also Slaves are used to built pyramids. Farmers cleared weeds away with hoes. our pharaohs are important to our Country.These Egyptian fast facts are important to us because it helps us learn more about Egypt.

King Tut: King Tut is a nice pharaoh. King Tut is a good hunter. King Tut is a respected King who try's to help by being a good king. And try's to be a responsible and nice king. king tut also was a hunter gather. king tut is also a pharaoh.

Fashion: The Egyptians wear white linen because it helped to keep them cool/ warm. they also wear shorts like skirts, robes, dresses, shoulder straps.

Food: the ancient Egyptians the Egyptians ate cake, wheat bread, corn, beans, grapes,melons, meet from cattle,

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