My view of the Good Life Tour of the Harn Museum of Art

Technique of the Artist

This piece of art work is by John Chamberlain (1927-2011). He was known for taking scrap pieces of metal from crushed cars and molding them into these abstract sculpture. he was interested in the scrapes of American culture and emphasized the spontaneity and fast passed culture of the time. This sculpture interested me because not every artist takes interest in thrown away objects and he was able to make an interesting art piece out of someones past.

Design of the Museum

The most interesting wing to me was the photography collection. I found an internet in this because the pictures of actual people and it carrie more weight with me personally. This wing featured artwork by Frida Kahlo, a famous painter. The layout of this wing was very separated and gave each piece its own space in order to keep from camparing pieces and to be a bee to look at them on their own. The room was very spacious and included many single walls in order to showcase more pieces. This museum has a very modern layout from the single colored walls and unique placement of walls.

Art and Core Values

This pice is called "Family" by Agustin Cardenas. He was pat of the surrealist movement of 1955. He left home, or Cuba, in 1955 and returned there in 2001 before his death. This sculpture is an abstract view of two parents holding a child. I chose this piece for Art and Core Values because it displayed a common theme of my life. Family is a very important aspect in my life, so this sculpture stood out to me as I could resemble my own feelings onto the artwork. This sculpture brought me warmth, as I find in my own family support and comfort.

Art and the Good Life

This painting is titled "Casita al mar" by Emilio Sanchez. "Casita al mar" means little house by the sea.I chose this painting for the Art and the Good Life section because the simplicity of the world created in this painting reminds me of my possible good life. This serene background reminds me of a calm and quiet place and seems to resemble a place of lack of stress and exploration. This piece reminds me that there are places that are calm and that my home is not always this way. It makes me think if I resonated with this painting so much maybe I am struggling to have a calm moment and I need to go out of my way to do the more. This painting reminded me to relax and that it is possible to be simple in life.

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