colonial homes by Lucian Oades

In colonial days the houses where not big and fancy and they were not warm. They had only one room but they also had an attic. They used the Keeping Room for cooking, bathing and sleeping. Older children slept in the attic. They slept on bags filled with straw.

The kitchen was part of the Keeping Room, one of the most important rooms in the house.

Mothers and mothers and fathers slept in a jack-bed. The jack-bed was short to save space so they couldn't stretch out in it. It was high so then smaller kids can have room to sleep under it on a trundle bed.

A modern version of a Jack Bed

There were no bathrooms in a colonial house there was no running water either. They had to bathe using a bucket and water that they got from the well. They used a chamber pot for going to the bathroom. When they were done using it, they threw the stuff outside.

People had to go outside the house for their water. They carried water home from the well in wooden buckets.

No matter how big the house was the family still used the keeping room for cooking eating sleeping and working.


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