My Hunting Experience A project by Eric Johnson

Hunting has always been a big part of my life. Even as young as 8 or 9 I can remember wanting to go hunting with my grandfather. To this day I still hear different stories about the experiences he had while hunting not only deer but Dove and Duck. Although hunting is a huge part of my life, perhaps one of the best parts about it is the scenery. Every morning I drive for an hour and a half to get to our property before sunrise. Although my feet feel like ice and I can't feel my face, I enjoy taking a picture of the sunrise every morning. Although these pictures might not be the best pictures taken in the world, they mean the world to me. Not only do these photographs represent another fanatical day on this earth, it also represents my freedom and the trust that is put into me.
One early morning in October I watched the sun come up over the mountains from my ground blind and decided to take a shot of the horizon.
Although taking a life is not something I enjoy, I do enjoy the experience and memories.
After having a rough morning because of missing a shot, I was on my way to my grandparents and decided to pull over and take a picture of a sunrise.
Not all of my favorite photographs are sunrises however. Many times have I had a long, frustrating day that just doesn't seem to ease up. It might have been because I missed, or just didn't see anything. Sunsets have always been my favorite because I can look right at them and see a near future. That future seems out of grasp to most, but to me it will always be right in front of me waiting for me to attain it.
I was almost home, and was faced with such an amazing and unique sunset. It's almost as though sunsets have the ability to change your mood, to change who you are for a split second.
I thought to myself, "It seems like it never gets easier, it's always a roadblock for me." It was shortly after thinking this, that I came across a vague yet astonishing sunset.
I had never thought such a day could have changed the way I looked at the world.
It had been a long day, and I had just gotten off the interstate when I saw this prodigious sunset seemingly reaching out to me. I had seen similar sunsets on this very road coming home from fencing many times. However, this one seemed just a little more special to someone in need of help.
Finally, it was a warm October evening when I snapped this picture of the sun going down just to the right over the trees. I had yet again missed another deer that day. Thinking about it, these sunrises and sunsets seem to always occur when I need them the most.
Although many might look down upon me for what I've done and said, I don't think it truly matters. This is what is special to me, this is what matters most to me. I love the freedom I feel when I'm out alone and I enjoy the trust I have entrusted in me. These photographs come no where near what hunting means to me, but many people can relate that no matter what, these sunrises and sunsets will be there when you need them. From a teenager having a rough day hunting, to a woman walking in New York City.

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