To Kill a Mockingbird POINT OF VIEW ASSIGNMENT BY: Gwen Litwak


Miss Maudie's house burning down
Boo Radley

In my chair by the window, which artfully concealed me with curtains, it was nearing one in the morning, my favorite time of day. The only light is that of the moon, which isn't nearly as glaring as the sun. That was until I felt a harsh orange glow hit my face. As I turned my head I saw a blaze coming from Miss Maudie's house. I remember her always being kind to me when I was younger. I consider for half a moment running outside to help but quickly banished the thought. Too many people will stare and too many questions will be asked. The neighbors start to file out of their houses in alarm and I hear the fire truck coming down the street to put the fire out. I start to turn away to finally head to bed, someone catches my eye. I see Atticus Finch's girl, and smile a bit, thinking of the plays she made about me. My body moves without my permission as I grab a blanket off the bed and head down the stairs. I grab the door handle, hesitating only a moment before silently pushing it open and walking outside. I stay near the shadows until I am standing behind the girl, who seems stunned with astonishment while staring at the house. I gently lay the blanket on her shoulders and walk back to the safety of my house.


Jem and Scout reading for Mrs. Dubose

As I walk over with Scout, I feel two emotions: outrage and fear. The fact that I have to read to mean old Mrs. Dubose is unfair! I admit that I was....out of hand during the incident, but it ain't my fault! The way she talks about Atticus is insulting and I won't let anyone insult 'im. I can't believe Atticus is makin' me help Mrs. Dubose after she insulted Scout and 'im. Why is she gettin' rewarded when I get punished? We finally reach the front door and Jessie leads us to her room. When I first see her, I start thinkin' that she isn't all that mean, lookin' so frail in her bed. Then Scout walks in.

"So you brought that dirty little sister of yours, did you?"

My knees start to shake a bit as I say "My sister ain't dirty and I ain't scared of you." She tells me to read to her, so I sit down in a chair as far the bed that's possible and open Ivanhoe. Scout pulls up a chair beside me. She tells me and Scout to move closer, and I see that she looks more dead than alive. I start readin' to her and keep on goin' until I notice she's stopped correctin' me. I look up and see saliva has gathered around her mouth. I jump outta my skin when I hear the time go off. Jessie lets me and Scout out and we start walkin' home.


Atticus, Scout, Jem and Dill in front of the Maycomb County Jail

Laying in bed, I hear the bobwhite whistle sound out my window. I leap up, knowing that it'll either be Jem or Scout. I look out and see both of 'em, so I run to go and get my clothes on. After I pull on my shoes, I quietly unlatch the screen and climb out.

"What's up?" I asked after we reached the sidewalk.

"I just got this feeling, just this feeling," Jem says. We walked all the way into town. We reach their dad's office, expectin' him to be there, but the light's out inside.

"Maybe he's visitin' Mr. Underwood," Jem says

We walk over to the county jail and see Mr. Finch leanin' up against the door with a lamp plugged in somewhere inside. We go to leave, but then four cars drive up to the front of the jail. I follow Jem when he runs to the Jitney Jungle door. Men start to get out of the car and someone walks up to Mr. Finch. The men are whisperin' more than talkin', so I can't hear much. I'm tryin' to listen and then Scout jumps up and Jem yells. We race to try and catch up with her, and we all end up in the middle of the group of men.

"Go home, Jem. Take Scout and Dill home." Mr. Finch says. Jem shakes his head no and one of the men try and grab him. Scout kicks the man and he lets go of Jem. Mr. Finich is trying to get us to go home when Scout starts talkin' to one of the men.

"Hey, Mr. Cunningham. Don't you remember me? I'm Jean Louise Finch. I go to school with Walter. Tell him hey for me, won't you?" Scout keeps on talkin' and trails off eventually. Then Mr. Cunningham bends down and puts both his hands on her shoulders.

"I'll tell him you said hey, little lady." He stands up again. "Let clear out. Let's get going, boys." They group leaves when suddenly I hear another voice from behind.

"They gone?"

"They've gone. Get some sleep, Tom. They won't bother you any more." Mr. Finch says looking up at the window.

Another voice came from the Maycomb Tribune office and I recognize it as Mr. Underwood. Mr. Finch heads on over and starts talkin' with him. After a while, Mr. Finch comes back over with his chair.

"Can I carry it for you, Mr. Finch?" I ask, my voice rough from disuse. I realize then I hadn't spoken a single thing since we got to town.

"Why, thank you, son." Mr. Finch says as he hands the chair to me. I think I like him callin' me that.


Tom Robinson being declared guilty

"The jury finds Tom Robinson guilty."

I hear Tom drop into the chair beside me, and I follow too, sitting down slower. I start to push my papers in the briefcase. I knew from the start that the likelihood of Tom Robinson going free was slim, but I still feel as though I have failed. I vaguely hear the mass of shoes scuffing on the floor behind me. I close my case sharply, breathe in, and stand up. I see that the floor has completely cleared. But Tom still sits next to me and I put a hand on his shoulder.

"You still have a chance for an appeal, and I will help you and your family through all of this."

He still stares straight ahead, but I hear a quiet, "Thank you, Mr. Finch."

"I'm sorry that I couldn't do more Tom." I grab my coat off the chair and pull it on over my shoulders. I push the chair in and with my briefcase in hand, I quickly make towards the exit down the center aisle, wanting to be out of here as soon as possible. Though I keep my head straight, I can feel the eyes of all in the balcony staring as I walk away.

As I near the door I hear, "Miss Jean Louise, stand up. Your father's passin'.", and I am glad that my face in hidden from sight in that moment.


This assignment made you really think about how each character felt throughout the book. Throughout the book, you only sometimes get insight from Scout's point of view. But through this assignment, you had to really think about how each character would feel, think, and act in each of the different scenes. By putting myself in the different characters' shoes, I was able to understand each character better. I helped me comprehend each scene more in-depth than I had before from just reading it. I learned that to really understand what an author means in different books, you must dig deep in the writings. By looking at the important scenes in To Kill a Mockingbird from a different perspective, I was able to see the significance of them in a way I hadn't before. By having to do this assignment for class, I now understand and appreciate To Kill a Mockingbird in a way I would never have before.

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