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The worlds tallest most majestic mountain range is just at your fingerprints. This mountain range is called the Himalayas. It is located in Nepal. The highest point on the mountain is also the highest in the world at 29,029 feet. Along with the height the mountain range, it covers an astonishing 1,500 square miles! It is also one of the youngest mountain ranges in the world so there are still parts of it forming. On the base of the Himalayas, there are tigers, gorillas, red pandas, rhinos, and snow leopards. All of these animals are endangered, and if you don't come now, you may never see them again. Come to the Himalayas and enjoy all its beauty!
Have you ever wanted to visit the roof of the world? The Plateau of Tibet offers this and much more! This Plateau offers many lakes in the northern section called Qiangtang. These lakes are unique because they are a black color. Also, the two biggest rivers in Asia, the Yellow and the Yangtze, start in this Tibetan region. There are multiple animals located here, such as the white lipped dear, the wild yak, and the Tibetan Antelope. These animals are also extremely endangered.
If you have ever asked anybody about a desert, they'll just describe them as a desolate, waterless, death trap. Those are its bad features. What some people don't want to tell you is that one desert, the Taklimakan, snows a beautiful snow. It is the only sandy desert in the world that has snowy winters. The winter nights can reach an astonishing 25.7 degrees below zero. Also, another amazing fact is that tigers used to be found on the edges of the desert. Unfortunately, the tigers were exterminated by poachers for their pelt.
Desert are massive lands full of wonders and mysterys. The Gobi desert stretches for an amazing 500,000 square miles. It is full of rare animals and there is an occasional beautiful oasis that could save your life in the desert. If you are looking for this desert, you will find it in Northern China. An intersecting fact about this is that the sand appears to whistle when the wind is blowing fast and hard. Also, this region is famous for its dinosaur fossils.
The North China Plain is one of the most luscious and beautiful plains on the face of the earth. It is bordered by many mountains that are magnificent and majestic. However, every year the plain is threatened by floods, but luckily the government of the area has built dams to furthermore protect you and the nature around it. There are many rare animals and plants over this 158,000 square mile plain, including the Giant Panda, swans, and geese. The Giant Panda is nearly extinct with barely over 5,000 left. The plants here include pine trees and blackberries. Come and visit the Plains today!!
A yellow river? You are probably thinking there is no way there is a yellow river in the world. Well guess what? There is! The Yellow River is yellow because of the sediments flowing through it. It is one of the most beautiful sights in the world. This river flows at an astonishing 1,800 cubic meters per second that's amazing. This river gets even better because there fish that are the only type that can live in this type of river. They are called the paddlefish. Almost all the other fish in the river died because of how polluted the river but don't think the river still isn't beautiful. Indeed it is!
How you ever wanted to see rare and exotic fish? Then come on down to the Yangzi river. This river would let you see over 350 fish species that are endangered. Also, the most endangered alligator species is located here, the Chinese Alligator. For 2 centuries, the Yangtze served as transportation for steamers and adventures. This river is 3,915 miles long too!!
The Bay of Bengal is one of the most majestic bodies of water in the world. The depth of the bay is an astonishing 8,300 feet filled with beautiful Marlin and barracuda. Along with the fish you can get a Bay side seaweed wrap since the Bay is filled with seaweed ready to be used.
A "Dead Sea" must not sound very fun right? Think again! This sea has high amounts of salt in the sea and the sea doesn't contain living animals other than bacteria. Luckily for you, you don't have to worry about any bloodsucking leaches like other lakes! Also while your swimming you may seem lighter. That is because the lake has a chemical called hypersaline which makes people float. While your swimming you can grab some of the mineral rich mud which makes great mud masks. Along with all those wonderful features this sea is 1,410 feet below sea level. Come to the Dead Sea and have the most wonderful experience of your life!

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