Website SEO FAQ's Suspicion on SEO Companies

Frequently Asked Questions About Website SEO

Q. Is It Worth Having A Website ?

A. Well-developed customer-friendly websites do demand a considerable energy to build and command a price - but it's worth the effort. Traditional marketing modes cost a lot of money and consume too much of time. Online promotion helps in improved productivity.

User-friendly and optimized web pages have a unique trait to generate queries and leads automatically.

Generally, the ratio of conversion from the stage of a lead to a confirmed buyer is higher when a vendee takes an initiative to contact a vendor.

Whereas traditional promotional modes work on the opposite principle requiring suppliers chasing and running after potential customers.

An Example of Suspicion on SEO Companies

Q. What is the most important expertise, website optimization service providers should possess ?

A. One needs to know both Off-page and On-page SEO for being a competent consultant in the internet promotion business.

One would need to possess knowledge of coding if one were building a hosted-website on a portal like Drupal.

However, none whatsoever level of understanding of programming skill is required if one is making one within the WordPress.com system.

A Common FAQ on Search Engine Optimization Of Websites

Q. For which category is a website most required - Traders, Manufacturers or Professionals ?

A. A website can help one in establishing a new business by cutting the cost of developing a customer base in the beginning stages.

As the market has evolved, it would be wise to first build a website and consider using conventional modes of sales promotion, later.

Reason being - Some businesses or startups fail only because they used expensive mediums of marketing, right from the start.

A website assists entrepreneurs and professional service providers in reaching out to new and unknown buyers from untapped and remote markets.

Hence, it is crucial for all sectors to acquire a website.

A Familiar Suspicion on SEO Companies And Website Optimization Service Providers

Q. It seems it’s useless optimising web pages due to regular updates in Google Ranking Factors. Why are you selling a SEO solution to us ?

A. Concentrating on On-page optimisation would by default, eliminate the requirement for adjustments in accordance changes in the scoring criteria laid down by the spiders.

We believe that these updates are not harming but helping websites created through hardcore white-hat promotion procedures.

We advise people to consider optimising their websites for an improved user-experience instead of thinking too much about the latest alterations in Google Ranking Factors.

Reason being – Content is King. It is still possible to generate a respectable natural visibility on the SERP’s.

A General FAQ on Website SEO by Prospective Customers

Q. I find this whole optimization jargon as a waste of time. Why dont you advice opting for paid online advertising ?

A. Many websites are not optimised properly, hence unable to provide any substantial outcome.

The crawlers display only well-produced websites, blogs, documents, videos, files, news and images on the organic section of their search result pages.

Whereas anyone can show up within the number one page of Google and Bing by opting for an Ad, regardless of the quality of content inside.

Paid online publicity modes prove being more beneficial for pre-optimised web pages as they end up procuring an additional exposure from the level of traffic already achieved through SEO.

Whereas, internet marketing is far less effective for websites which are yet to go through the On-page optimisation process.

A digital advertisement lasts only until the time one keeps adding funds in own campaign account.

Whereas, despite SEO requiring recurring expenditure, such web pages take a long time to disappear from the internet, even if the maintenance and updation exercises are brought to a halt.

Therefore, it’s always better to first optimise your web pages and articles before starting advertising the same through online advertisements, and not the other way round.

A Usual Suspicion on SEO Companies and Website Optimization Service Providers

Q. Firstly, what is the guarantee that you can produce fully optimised web pages. Secondly, how do we believe that such a medium can generate results ?

A. You may try searching us amongst the natural listings within the number one page of Google and Bing by typing a few related key phrases.

As far as results are concerned, we are sure you have some idea about the success of Amazon, Alibaba, Airbnb, Uber etc.

Just our claiming that we can put you on the number one page of Google and Bing has no meaning. That is something you would understand only if you try out our services.

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