The Simon Kim Story MEET The creator of KeepItWholesome’s steps to create happiness from struggle

Keep It Wholesome.

It's a sentence prominent in Simon Kim’s TikToks as well as a newly-formed clothing brand. Kim, a 2020 DHS graduate, made his account and his brand to help not only spread awareness but also give back to those who need it most in desperate times.

Kim is an 18-year-old TikToker and clothing-line owner, and he began posting to TikTok in November of 2018. He would make posts talking about mental health and well-being.

“I started making super vulnerable videos on TikTok talking about mental health topics,” he said.

Before long, his account started to grow a community. He would end every video with “Keep It Wholesome” and from there his following continued to grow.

Kim then started to transition from just making TikToks to creating a clothing brand.

“So, eventually, it just naturally seemed like the right idea to transition to a clothing brand, since the message was great and people wanted to support it,” Kim said.

Not too long after, he announced ‘Keep It Wholesome - Collection 001.’

He had one motive with his clothing drops, and that was to help others. That is why with every drop he would donate a percentage of the proceeds to a charity he felt resembled his brand and his cause the most.

On September 9, 2020, the ground was broken for a new school in Malawi, a country in southeastern Africa, he had helped fund with @buildOn.

So far, Kim has released five clothing collections. Each one has helped fund a new charity/fundraiser with a great cause. When asked Simon where he wanted to see Keep It Wholesome in the future, these were his words:

“In 10 years I hope to see Keep It Wholesome as a household name," he said. "I think the direction we are going is great and it's been amazing to see the community grow. In 10 years I'm aiming to have built a few more schools and opened up our own mental health foundation and hotline. In addition, I'm looking to start a mediation/journaling/social media app in the near future. I really don't think the future of KeepItWholesome is being a full-out clothing brand, but [rather] the go-to place for mental health resources and helping the youth.”
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