At CO KIDS Early Years Photography, we know you are the kind of person who wants to be an extraordinary Nursery Manager!

In order to be that way, you need a modern-day photography solution that always produces styles of affordable photography that parents want to see, is super-efficient on photography day, as passionate as you are about GDPR Compliance AND makes you serious commission.

Smiles after a Seasonal Shoot (CO Kids Carrie and Nursery Manager)

The problem is in reality, parents are often frustrated with overpriced and outdated photography styles, your staff can roll their eyes upon hearing of the upcoming hassle of photography day and other nurseries always seem to make more commission than yours, which can make you feel frustrated and like you’re missing out!

Being parents who have used nurseries, as our own children have grown, we have first-hand experience of how nurseries like yours enable parents to have choices and to live their best lives. Our passion for helping you is STRONG. We want to see you succeed!

We understand that as a Nursery Manager you are busy beyond belief! Whilst at the same time, know that you believe that your children at nursery deserve to have some FANTASTIC photographs of their early years with you.

That’s why, having listened to parents, we are working with some of the UK’s most modern and forward thinking Nurseries. We produce different styles of modern children’s photography in nurseries for parents throughout the year and we do this in a super-efficient and GDPR compliant way.

Plus, with our high commission rates and high number of parents that make purchases, we consistently generate significant additional income for our nurseries.

Here’s how it works;

Step 1; make one phonecall to book you years worth of shoots.

Step 2; receive your “Nursery Promo pack” containing beautiful posters for display at nursery so parents are fully informed.

Step 3; let’s photograph and upload photos to our system where parents can buy directly via our website.

Call today, so you can stop missing out and instead start feeling EXTRAORDINARY you’re about to impress your parents with children’s photography THEY WILL LOVE, impress you staff with a super-efficient and GPDR compliant photography day at nursery AND earn some serious money for your nursery in the process!

We would love to hear from you!