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The Australian Voices - Boombox @ Brisbane Powerhouse

By Daniel Coyne-Watego

...The ensemble's collective voices join to become like one entity, rising in an ecstatic cacophony. At times the polyphonic harmonies are reminiscent of sacred music from the Middle Ages or Renaissance, juxtaposing greatly with the modernity of the content.
They Might Be Giants @ The Tivoli

By Patrick Connors

Up the front of the crowd were several TMBG die-hards, who were gyrating and screaming along to the lyrics like their lives depended on it. Back to back encores of fan-favourites “Birdhouse In Your Soul” and “Doctor Worm” elicited the loudest crowd response imaginable, with nearly everybody in The Tivoli shouting the words back at the band in a combined display of affection and massive energy.
The John Steel Singers @ The Triffid

By Anthony Gebhardt

...The John Steel Singers display a chameleon like ability to switch seamlessly between musical genres and generations both old and new, all the while keeping things tight and eclectic...
The Vaccines @ The Triffid

By Clare Armstrong

The Vaccines may appear to be a rough and ready, anything goes rock band, but in reality, theirs is a tightly run ship. That’s not to say the band don’t completely go at it; they thrash around the stage filled with raw energy and a bit of tongue-in-cheek fun, but these guys are stadium rock alumni and they now how to rev up a crowd without missing a note.
Florence & The Machine @ Riverstage

By Joel Lohman

The title of her most recent album, How Big, How, Blue, How Beautiful, could just as easily describe Florence's voice and the melodies on which she unleashes it. I find that listening to her voice for an extended period, either live or on record, can start to feel like an assault. It must be difficult to show restraint when you have a weapon like that at your disposal.
The Counterfeit Umbrellas @ The Milk Factory

By Tina Walsh

Delivering a Mumford-and-Sons style sound, mixing folk, country and pop sounds, their performance came together into a very palatable and fun sound for a grisly grey Sunday arvo. You can definitely tell why they've had the support gigs that they've had.
The Wrath @ The New Globe Theatre

By Nic Addenbrooke

They dwell in a genre miasma that’s a little punk, a little rockabilly, a whole lotta dark and more fun than you’d imagine. Their last album Disillusions and Resolutions had a sinister vibrancy to it, with feel good hits like Blood On Your Hands and Cold Asphyxiation that could make even the happiest soul enjoy some misery, but the energy and nuance is only truly apparent in the flesh.
Future Islands @ The Triffid

By Sarah McGowan

They’re such an incredible, consistent band which is great, though at times this uniformity is to their detriment. They have perfected that iconic 80s pop sound – they know what works, and they stick to it, which means at times their song structure feels formulaic. This isn’t necessarily a problem, but as I’m watching every moment starts to feel more predictable… for me, sometimes the imperfection is more interesting.
My Disco @ Crowbar

By Ben Stimpson

I’m so glad to say that after a few minutes, my doubt was sublimated in the sinking dark miasma of the band’s latest iteration. Say what I might about the record on it’s own, on stage the trio flawlessly reach the bar they aim for, and all of a sudden the venue seemed not only unintrusive but even, dare I say, fitting.
Robert Forster @ The Triffid

By Ian Powne

At the end of the night everyone departs The Triffid with delight written on their faces and some more Robert memories. In fact, this is probably one of the great things about it all, the shared Robert history. It’s so great to have in Brisbane our own significant musical legacy with artists/musicians that go back decades, like Robert Forster, John Willsteed and Ed Kuepper. Each performance serves to remind us all just how significant that culture is to our collective histories.
The Con & The Liar @ The Milk Factory

By Jae Salmon

The band has chemistry and undeniable musical talent and when those two ingredients come together there is a certain kind of magic that happens. Spellbinding, mesmerising and thoroughly enjoyable. Basically, think of any superlative you like and it will apply to describing the performance The Con and the Liar are giving this evening.
Naughty By Nature @ Max Watt’s

By Tara Zupp

The rap group has their audience’s movements under control, encouraging the sea of people to keep their hands up, and their bodies moving from side to side … As someone who receives genuine satisfaction from rapping along to old school hip hop (badly), I must say I was euphoric by the time I got home. My head was still nodding along to Hip Hop Hooray as I was brushing my teeth.
Jungle Love Festival

By Chelsea Heaney

...This year’s new location featured plenty of shade and a creek to cool off in. I do definitely appreciate the organisers’ apparent priority of having somewhere to swim, something I think should be mandatory for Queensland festivals... It was like if Falls or the late Harvest festival had a beautiful riverside baby with Woodford. You could go and dance like crazy at the main stage, then head down for some tea and transcendental meditative music in the tent till late into the night.
Peezo @ The Foundry

By Hamish Deeth

Quite clearly a man of great character and talent. Lyrically he was undeniably on another level of the game, with lyrics that felt true and from the soul. There was no flexing just pure thoughts and emotion, which is always refreshing coming from this scene.
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