The Play Sanctuary Satisfy your natural need to move and play freely

We know that...

Kids have less time for unstructured play.

Kids are spending less time outside.

Kids are moving their bodies less.

And, let's face it, we could say the same for adults.

So we're incorporating the best parts of our childhood - when we ran free through the woods

until the dinner bell rang.

And adding to that the latest research about child development -

what helps kids improve language, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, and wellbeing.

It all comes together at The Play Sanctuary.

Think of it like a community center.

Full of conversations.

Developmentally appropriate challenges and play spaces.

And fun. Lots of fun.

Created By
Sara Stahlman


Created with images by Pezibear - "person human child" • DariuszSankowski - "knowledge book library" • yoppy - "in this Spt, converted from Moleskine to Quovadis-like notebook" • MK Wyman - "Bear Mountain Park and surrounding area. elev. ~1117" • stevendepolo - "Qiqi 10th Birthday Party August 20, 201136" • Shivmirthyu - "work management time management office" • Igor Menezes Fotógrafo - "Sessão "Luiza em 'Chapeuzinho Vermelho'"" • Justugly - "triangle dinner bell chuck wagon bell iron" • Efraimstochter - "detective magnifying glass viewing" • USDAgov - "Edible MyPlate Snowman. Step 1" • stevendepolo - "School Girls Pink Palms Grand Rapids Montessori 2-9-15" • stevendepolo - "Children Sitting on Raised Garden Girls on the Run Grand Rapids Montessori Service Project May 14, 2012 15" • 422737 - "playmobil figures session" • Marcus Hansson - "Climbing" • Jedidja - "blow bubbles fun trees"

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