LGA NEWS EDITION 20, DATE: 17 July 2020


Welcome to the final Newsletter of the year - it is a bumper edition!

We have now reached the end of the year and I am sure that none of us would have predicted how it turned out. Everyone in our community has been affected by this period of extended school closure but I would like to make a special mention to our students in Year 11, 12 and 13 who have been particularly affected by recent events. I have sent a video message to the students to wish them well and to encourage them to think about the future and to not dwell on the past. They have very bright futures as they enter the next phase of their education and training.

We are also saying goodbye to a number of colleagues who are leaving us this year. All of them have made significant contributions to Lord Grey and I know they will be missed by both the students and the staff. Four of the staff leaving us are long serving colleagues who deserve particular thanks. Mr Bateman in the Science Department is moving to a new school after 13 years at Lord Grey, Mrs Al-Timimi is retiring after 17 years of working as a Higher Level Teaching Assistant and Mr Houghton is going to teach Science at the brand new Watling Academy after being at Lord Grey for 18 years. Finally, Mr Handyside is retiring following a career of an amazing 28 years at Lord Grey! Mr Handyside will be known to a great many families in our community who will have benefitted from the support and care that he provided as Deputy Headteacher.

We are so pleased to be re-opening to all students in September and parents have been sent letters that explain how we will be operating in September. There will be a number of new rules and procedures in place to keep everyone safe and we will send reminders to students and parents about these before the beginning of term.

I would like to make one final thank you to all of our students, parents and staff for your continued support of Lord Grey Academy. You have quickly adapted to the new way of working and have been amazing in helping us deal with the ups and downs of the home learning period. Thank you.

Jim Parker, Principal.

important information - EXAMINATION RESULTS 2020

new academic year 2020 information

academy reception opening hours during the summer holidays

  • 8.30am-12noon 21-24th July 2020
  • 8.30am-12noon 12-14th August 2020
  • 8.30am-12noon 19-21st August 2020
  • 8.30am-12noon 24-28th August 2020


Our Virtual Orchestra - An outstanding piece of work. We hope you enjoy watching and listening. Congratulations to everyone involved. Miss Maxwell, Teacher of Music.

school games competition

We are running a Virtual Games Competition over the next few weeks for students in Year 7, 8, 9 and 10. Click the link below to see all the activities. Please remember you do not have to do all of them, but the more you do, the better chance you will have of winning JD sports vouchers and going on to represent the Academy against winners from other Milton Keynes Schools. Good luck! Mr Henry, Head of Physical Education.

we need your help...

Josh and his best friend Joe will be doing a 24 hour GAMEATHON at the beginning of August to help raise funds for his scout troop. They are trying to raise £20,000 to buy their scout hut and land. There is a six month time frame to do this. Josh has been invited to talk about this fantastic opportunity on the 'Buckingham Scouts Radio' and has been an active member of the troop since he was six! There are lots of different types of fundraising activities happening within the next six months. We wish you lots of luck Josh and Joe.

UPDATE - It was with pleasure that I listened to a clear and confident Josh being interviewed live on Thursday 9 July at 7.30pm promoting his fundraiser. Plus he has spoken to Tim Kidd OBE on a Zoom group, who is the UK Chief Commisioner for Scouting regarding his fundraising activity. Josh will he doing a 24 hour gameathon, playing different games two hours at a time. Josh's Mum gets to pick one of these games and Josh will not know what it is until the day. Mmmm will Mum be kind or mean and give him a boring game? Good luck Josh. Mrs Bowen and Mr Selvester, Lorenz House.

great cooking!

Lauren, C10 has been baking sea themed shortbread. It looks scrumptious. Along with Megan and Breschia who have been making delicious cookies. Ms Hussey, Head of Colossus.

Great artwork from Ronnie, C10. Well done.  Miss Hussey, Head of Colossus House.


LORENZ HOUSE WOULD LIKE TO WISH YOU ALL A HAPPY SUMMER. We are looking forward to seeing you again soon. Stay safe. Mrs Bowen and Mr Selvester.

Connor has been keeping himself incredibly busy and active doing all kinds of brilliant things at home. From playing football, to cutting the grass, well done Connor, keep up the great work! Mrs Bowen and Mr Selvester.

Joshua recently took part in a 24 hour Gameathon to help raise money for the Ayelsbury Scouts. What a lovely gesture boys! Mrs Bowen and Mr Selvester.

a visit to the Zoo

Mr Selvester had a great visit to Whipsnade Zoo last week. Here are some great photos of some of the animals!

news from Enigma

Branden, E03 has been very busy doing various duties to get his scout badges. Here you can see how many he has achieved. Well done, a great achievment. Ms Dunn and Mrs Kirby, Enigma House.

news from languages

Once again I have been impressed by Morgan and his cooking talent Italian style! Bravissimo Morgan, your Amatriciana looks delicious! Mrs Saccá, Teacher of Languages.

End of year picnic

Miss Reynolds Year 7 Italian class had an end of year picnic, tasting foods such as Mozzarella, Prosciutto and Polpo (Octopus)! Below are some quotes.

Edward - "I liked the 'Octopus' because I like seafood and it tasted salty."
Christian - "I liked this lesson because I like to try new things."
Alfie - "I liked the 'Biscotti' because they were crunchy and delicious."
Libby- "I enjoyed trying the Italian foods because it was fun and new."
Tyrese - "In this lesson we did so many fun things as we tried a variety of foods. Personally, my favourite was the 'Arancini' because it tasted savoury and similar to the Jamaican patties."
Owen - "The wafers were so nice because they tasted the best out of all of the things I tried."
Mrs Lynch - "I really enjoyed the 'Octopus' as I liked the texture."
Kayne has nurtured his sunflower and we can't wait to see it in bloom! Miss Reynolds, Second in Inclusive Learning.

Great tasks from our Practical Week

After an intense term learning all about photosynthesis and respiration, Year 7 and Year 8 Biologists had such fun in their practical week recently. Their tasks were to calculate their breathing rate, heart rate and lung capacity, and they did an excellent job finding household items to use for them - as the pictures show!

We also managed to generate a lovely set of graphs, showing rates at rest and after exercise, and found out that some of our students can breathe out more than two litres in one breath. Very impressive! Mrs Hawkes, Head of Biology.

Princess in Year 9 did some amazing work making coastal defences (groynes and rip rap) this week. Great work! Miss A Bruin, Progress and Achievement Leader Year 7, Teacher of Geography.

Well done Orange Bubble on making some awesome safari animals out of marshmallows in their Humanities session this week! What started as learning about African ecosystems may have changed to engineering of trains and robots in some cases, but good fun was had by all! Best wishes and have a great summer.  Miss Phipps, Head of Humanities.

NEWS FROM Careers and Futures

It's been an odd term for all of us, careers included! The Year 10 Career Workout in July was cancelled, but we are talking to WorkTree, the company that run these events, and they have plenty of ingenious ideas for how to help us get students talking to employers from September.

The Career Assemblies I had already booked: working with young offenders, careers in retail, careers in the police, and health careers will be rebooked for the new term. Students need to keep an eye out for the dates and times of these. I am always looking for people to give half an hour or so of their time to talk about their work to our students. Every job is of interest to us, so if you'd like to do this, please get in touch. I also welcome volunteers to take part in career days, help with mock-interviews, check over CVs, and do distance-mentoring by email.

During lockdown, I have sent out plenty of emails and tweets about online events, courses, and speakers that students can get involved with. There have also been a couple of online seminars about apprenticeships to replace the assemblies that students would have had in the summer term. Some of the most proactive Year 10s have got a step ahead and been in touch for video career appointments. These will, I hope, resume face-to-face in September and can be booked with me directly, or via tutors or Heads of House.

From September, we have two new careers resources in Lord Grey. Firstly, we are moving to Unifrog, a platform that brings all college, apprenticeship, university, and career information into one place, and will be used by tutors and Sixth Form, as well as the careers service, to help students explore many options for their futures and make the best choices. Parents, carers and guardians will also be able to access Unifrog and see the career events that their child has attended.

The second innovation will be a brand new careers website that students can access via their Lord Grey accounts, and which will have information relevant to each year group, as well as a calendar of career events, an online CV course, videos about applying for jobs, labour market information, and scores of activities for lessons and tutor time. Look out for both of these early in the autumn term.

The long summer holiday is always an excellent time to gain experience that can enrich your CV with volunteering, summer jobs, short courses, and so on. Students may find some interesting lessons in these videos about coping with events that are outside our control, and turning them to our advantage. CareerPilot is also a great website with loads of useful information and resources to help students plan their next steps.

I hope you all have a great, and relaxing, summer break, and are able to put the strangeness of the past few months behind you. Joanna Brown, Careers & Futures Adviser. Email: joanna.brown@lordgrey.org.uk


Our students have been very busy during the lockdown period. Below are some examples from the students in Miss Palmer's classes who have handed in every single piece of home learning work for since school closed. Well done all of you. Great achievement.

Art - Year 7: Mia, Daniel, Oliver and Louisa. Year 8: Erin, Lily, Divine, Sophia, Michael, Lia, Joshua, Charlotte and Thomas. Year 9: Milana, Ella, Kacey, Bodhi and Millie. Design Technology - Year 7: Jaiden, Lily, Hassnain, Aemilia, Mia, Freya, Daniel, Ashraf, Marco, Skye and Oliver. Year 8: Sumaya, Lewis. Year 9: Mukzith and Cameron.

Finale of some of the great artwork that has been done during our lockdown! Fantastic work everyone. Dr Layden, Teacher of Art and Technology.

Service Six - Supporting children, young people, adults, families and communities.

MAISIES SUPERSTORE - school uniform opening hours

kedaph schoolwear - opening hours

Due to the current Covid 19 policies, we have added an appointment system to the website for the new school year intake e.g. Year 7 students. Parents can now book appointments for fitting and buying uniform. We are encouraging parents to order online wherever possible. The shop is still opened for those who want to walk in but there maybe a short time of waiting and queuing. Thank you for all the support in these difficult times. Kedaph Schoolwear.

Resources to help support us all...

Self care Summer packs for Primary and Secondary schools

The #SelfcareSummer Secondary pack aims to help young people create their own individual self-care plan for the summer holidays based on strategies other young people have identified as helpful. The packs also signpost young people and their families to additional support and the AFC crisis messenger text service – should they find themselves struggling over the summer period.

ThinkNinja is a mental health app designed for 10 to 18 year olds. Using a variety of content and tools, it allows young people to learn about mental health and emotional wellbeing, and develop skills they can use to build resilience and stay well.

WE ARE HERE TO HELP. Do you have any concerns about the mental health of a child in your care? We are able to offer help from our experienced Mental Health Practitioners. The poster gives details of how to initiate a referral if needed.

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