LIWA OASIS The UNFORGETTABLE desert experience.

Liwa Oasis is a historical please and cluster of villages and oasis in the United Arab Emirates. Liwa Oasis is in the midell of the desert near by Madinat Zayed, approximately 60 km to the North.

Mouza Thani standing near by one of the historical places in Liwa. (photo by Mahra Thani)

Liwa Oasis is the historical home of the Nahyan family, the leaders of Abu Dhabi emirate and the UAE. It’s the center of Bedouin, especially the Bani Yas.

Mouza Thani waring tradition Shaila enjoying the beautiful view across the window with a heritage design. (photo by Ashwaq Almessabi)

Liwa is at the edge of the UAE's most impressive desert region, when considering the size of the dunes. It is a great launching off point for self-led or pre-arranged dune-bashing and other desert safaris. It may also be a good place to learn more about Bedouin culture, though most of the settlements are by now built of concrete, and walled off to the rest of the world.

The beautiful golden sand in Liwa Oasis. (photo by Ashwaq Almessabi)

Liwa Oasis The most impressive dune in the Emirates, and the most popular thing in Liwa is Tal Mireb dune, which is a place that the family can enjoy boys car chows and drifting in the sand with many another event such as food tracks.

Also, families can just enjoy the could nights in the desert by gathering with each others and drinking the famous Karak to keep them worm.

don't miss out trying this amazing expernes in the beautiful desert

A beautiful view all around Liwa Oasis. (photo by Mouza Thani)


Ashwaq Almessabi 

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