Renewable Energy Pro's and Con's

Renewable energy has many pro's and con's. Renewable energy is power that doesn't release greenhouse gases and that doesn't run out. Examples of renewable energy is solar power, wind power and hydro power.

There are many good things about renewable energy. One of these things is that it is what is known as an infinite source. Unlike fossil fuels, which are rapidly running out, renewable energy will never run out.

Also, again unlike fossil fuels, renewable energy doesn't release greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases are harmful gases that pollute the air and the o-zone layer. Greenhouse gases are a prime factor in creating global warming and so if we use energy that doesn't add to global warming we will also be helping the world.

Another advantage to global warming is the fact that it is good for the economy. In the short term, renewable energy may seem expensive and a waste, but in the long term solar panels or wind farms save a lot of money.

However, there are also some disadvantages to renewable energy. One of these disadvantages is the physical appearance of renewable energy. For example, wind turbines are extremely large, stretching away into the sky, and many people who live nearby to them would be greatly effected. Especially in places of Oustanding Natural Beauty, the National Trust would be greatly opposed to the prospect of giant whites turbines taking up the skyline.

Another disadvantage to renewable energy is the fact that land is being taken up. Wherever there is a field of wind turbines or solar panels could have been used for homes or for animals. For this reason many farmers apples to the idea of renewable energy.

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