Introducing our New Classes! Starting Tuesday january 2, 2018

We are so excited to be offering new classes starting in our Spring Session 2018!

These classes have been specially chosen and developed to help make our ballroom dancers the best they can be, while continuing to enhance their love of dance.

We hope you will take advantage of these new classes that are on the schedule, and welcome our new teachers who will be teaching them! They are all very accomplished professionals in their own right, and we are excited for them to share their knowledge and passion for dance with our dance families!

Strength & Flexibility Fridays at 6pm

This class will work on some of the most important skills for great dancers. We will explore core and center work, body control exercises, and of course, lots of stretching! Dancers can expect to see great improvement in balance, leg extension, splits and more!

Hip Hop Ballroom Tuesdays @ 6pm

This all ages class is perfect for boys and girls who are looking to get a little more funky with their ballroom! Dancers will explore hip hop skills and tricks as well as learn a short combination incorporating moves from both styles of dance in each class. A great way to expand your ballroom dance versatility!

Baby Ballroom Thursdays @ 4pm

This class is intended for our youngest dancers, ages 2-3. We will explore creative body movements, rhythm work with props, dance games and more. So sweet!

Mini Ballroom Mondays @ 3:45pm

This class is great for those who still need to get their wiggles out, but are also ready to have more of a challenge. These dancers will learn the beginning steps of our Latin ballroom dances, such as Merengue, Cha Cha, Samba and more! (Note: This class is replacing Baby Ballroom 2).

Ballroom Barre Wednesdays @6pm

Dancers need discipline! Combining the posture and strength work from classical ballet, with the foot actions and styling of ballroom, this class is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for anyone who wants to take their ballroom training seriously. Dancers will work at a barre to learn the fundamentals of movement, helping them build strong and solid technique that comes from the correct places in their bodies.

Ballroom Turns 101 Fridays @6:45

Turns are a fun and exciting elements to any level of dancing for both girls and boys. This class will explore and develop the proper setup and executing of both solo and partner turns. A great class for anyone wanting to develop some show stopping skills!

Registration for these awesome new classes is now open! We can't wait to see our dancers out there working on their craft and of course, HAVING FUN!!!


9450 7th Street, Suite M

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730



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