Rhodes Old Town, Greece Exploring the medieval wAlled city

Breakfast was included with our stay and we weren’t disappointed! It was difficult to part from the food and start exploring the old town of Rhodes. Ideally we would have liked a walking tour, but an app on the iPhone was all we could come up with at short notice. As a result most of it was improvised referring to the phone for the background history at each of the historical sites. Some of these included the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes, the Palace of the Grand Master and the Acropolis of Rhodes, where we haven’t even posted a photo due to it being completely obscured in scaffolding (a bit of an anti climax). We have overall been impressed with the Medieval City and its imposing walls whilst exploring the maze of its quaint stone paved alleyways.

Archaeological Museum of Rhodes

Housed at the Hospital of Knights of the 15th century
Avenue of Knights
The impressive Palace of the Grand Master (Poohbar)
View from the clock tower
Couldn’t pass up on a Greek take of the old classic!
And they let cars drive across this!
Modern Greek Architecture...

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