Ten Technology Tips Gabby Howard

Trouble #1=Pop ups keep coming up.

  • Keep your computer updated.
  • Get rid of unwanted programs.
  • Reset your browser setting.
  • Get help from the search forum.

Trouble #2 =Tips to protect your browser in the future.

  • Only download from sites you trust.
  • carefully review updates for your extensions.

Trouble #3= Tips to help you from getting hacked.

  • Perform required software updates for your operating system and web browser. Hackers attack where they see weakness.
  • Install a firewall on your computer.
  • Change your passwords often.
  • Purchase or download anti-virus software.
  • Purchase or download anti-virus software.
  • Delete emails from unknown sources.

Trouble #4 =How to prevent hacking.

  • Failing to update your software will eventually result in an exploitable weakness appearing, which puts your device(s) at risk.
  • Don't give out your password. This is an obvious piece of advice, but one that bears revisiting: with the exception of some school services, you shouldn't ever have to provide a site administrator with your password for them to access your account.
  • In addition to keeping your password a secret, you should change the passwords on your various accounts and devices at least once every six months.

Trouble #5= What to do when you get hacked

  • Take a close look at the "hacked" account.
  • Get your account back to normal status.
  • Tell friends and family you've been hacked.
  • Keep an eye on your financial or credit accounts
  • Scan your computer for viruses and malware.
  • Reinstall your operating system and backup data.

Trouble #6= How to flip your screen.

  • Press CTRL + ALT + the up arrow key (see below)
  • Next press CTRL + ALT + the right arrow key
  • Then press CTRL + ALT + the left arrow key

Trouble #7= Public WiFi could mess up your computer

  • Public airport WiFi is the worst public WiFi to use.
  • If you use public WiFi you should use the simi-open spots.

Trouble #8=Avoid getting hacked

  • Not logging out of all your accounts.
  • You don't update your passwords often and don't make them complex.
  • You don't secure your Wi-Fi network or you use public Wi-Fi.

Trouble #9=Priter wont print

  • Check for ink
  • Check for paper in the trey.

Trouble # 10= Applications slow or frozen

  • Close and open aplactions CTRL+ALT+DEL

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