10 Types of Wind By:Sydney smith

Jet stream winds are the strongest no left longest winds. They come from jets and stay in the sky.
This is Coriolanus Effect. It is found world wide and happens when the hot wind turns cold at mountain tops and falls to sea level.
Polar Easterlies, these are strong winds that come from the poles and move toward the equator. They always stay cold and as they get to the equator they stay and finally get warm.
This is global wind. It is found everywhere, but mainly blows at the mountain tops.
Global wind belts. These winds are found world wide. This starts really high in the sky then comes down to the surface. They come from the clouds and rush to the ground.
Prevailing Westeralise, they also run west against the equator. They come from the trade winds and advance in speed.
This is global convention currents. It is where the sun shines and warmths the air to circulate faster.
These are trade winds, they are very light winds that come from the suns heat on plains.
These are horse latitudes, they run west against the equator.
These are Doldrums winds. They come from the cold poles down towards the equator.


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