june 2019

Volume 4, Number 3

Jeffry Booher, Editor In Chief

Great photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field—Peter Adams

this just in...

Jeffry Booher

I joined Darkroomers because I bought a camera and had no idea what to do with it. I had numerous resources available to me to learn how to use my camera from technical instruction to artistic compositing but, still, I did not have a clue what to photograph.

So I joined every photography Meetup group on the planet. I went on every outing that they offered and joined every waitlist out of frustration. I was still not getting the kind of guidance and connection that I needed.

Then I found Darkroomers.

Darkroomers is more than just an photographic expeditionary group. Darkroomers is a big bowl of camaraderie and mentorship with a side of expedition. Sure we all joined Darkroomers to become better photographers and go places. I did. But the sheer reason for the club's existence is to make friends with others who share our passion.

● ● ●

While Darkroomers is a social club, it is staffed by volunteers. We ask for volunteers to bring in food, host the building and help us run our meetings. Several months after joining Darkroomers, I started realizing what the club could be—keep in mind the club was in a total disarray and on life support.

Soon it will be your turn to make a difference. Here are some ways you can make your mark...

At the first meeting in June we will be forming the committee which will determine the rules and categories for the Year End Competition. We are also establishing the planning committee for the Central Coast trip.

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sweet home alabama

The skies over the Eastern Sierras opened up and brought the crew some interesting backdrops for rocks and mountains but we first needed to live through the downpours which helped bring us drama—skies not seen since the Salton Sea trip.

Trips like these are about camaraderie and those who made the journey now share a common bond. We made new friends and learned new secrets about our fellow clubmates.

We braved the local eateries and watched our speed. We traversed narrow, winding roads through the mountains with steep cliffs on one side and rocky mountains on the other... We waited out the rain and made friends with the locals. Then we found snow.

If you missed it then you missed out

● ● ●

Our next overnight trip is scheduled for mid October when the club heads up the coast for a little mid-continent incontinence... We are still looking for help planning the trip so if you have planning skills or trip ideas then send the details to rich@darkroomers.com.

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creative side

Morning Impact by Luci Dumas

This month Luci Dumas stops by the Darkroom to talk about turning your hobby into a lucrative industry with her talk on Creativity into Cash.

Luci started her photography career after many years pursuing photography as an art. She runs her photography business out of a historical South Park bungalow. Her passion is portrait photography and she has run a successful portrait photography business for 35 years.

Luci specializes in family photography but she also teaches and mentors both aspiring and working photographers on creating a business of their own.

If you are ready to grow, increase your confidence, and have way more fun in your business, I am ready to help. I would love to support your success!

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bus hole

Bus hole by Jeff Booher

Darkroomers is taking a break from the indoors and going on an expedition to capture the serene scenes of the streets of San Diego. If you have yet to find any good photos for the quarterly theme, City Street Scenes, then this trip is for you.

On Saturday, June 29th, we will meet at 8am in front of the Marriott Marquis for a fun and exciting trip led by one of our newest Darkroomers, Lisa Miller.

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Motion Blur

We had newcomers and old favorites blurring the lines in a take no prisoners competition for Motion Blur. In the end it was new member, Melanie Plummer, taking the top prize and motioning the trophy her direction in the Monochrome Division.

● ● ●


For the second quarter, Darkroomers takes to the streets to photograph storytelling life events and there is no place like San Diego to find a good story to tell. Our City Streets Scenes competition will take place at the 5th Wednesday meeting in July or, for those of you playing the home game, July 31st...

Even though Terri and Melanie are all tied up for first place it is still early in the season so it is still anyone's game. Bring your A-Game at the June Club outing where we go downtown looking for stories to photograph.

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interclub update

Darkroomers did exceptionally well at the May interclub competition. So well, in fact, that the club stands alone in First Place. This is a big deal. So keep sending your award winning images to submissions@darkroomers.com so we can keep on winning and stay in first place!

New members can follow the electronic image submission guide that will help you get your photos out of Photoshop or Lightroom and ready for Projected Image Competition. If you need help then Terri Thompson, this year's Interclub Director, is ready to take your calls. Send her a note at tthompsonca@cox.net.

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scacc news

The July 2nd SCACC meeting has been moved to July 9th so that we can all celebrate our independence with freedom loving friends and family.

The freedom will be short-lived, however, as it is probable that Portrait club and certain forces within SCACC are likely to take a vote on splitting up the galleries.

Come to the July 9th SCACC meeting and voice your concerns on splitting up the galleries

● ● ●

After weeks of waiting for city inspectors to test the building's ceiling tiles for asbestos following the track lighting fiasco, it was reported that the city has not made any progress and that all on-hold building projects may move forward. That most likely means that SCACC is going to be painting the building soon and making another attempt to split the galleries.

The city has put a work order in the queue for facilities to come fix the gallery lights but it is not clear how that will work since the lights are busted...

● ● ●

SCACC is taking part in the San Diego County Fair Exhibition of Photography Club Day. This is an exciting opportunity for us as Darkroomers to talk to the general public about Darkroomers. We are asking for volunteers to help staff the event booth. If you want free tickets to the fair and want to talk about Darkroomers then this is your chance.

  • Thursday, June 13
  • 7 - 9pm
  • San Diego County Fair
  • International Exhibition of Photography
  • Veranda Cafe

If you think you can do this then you need to come to the June 5th meeting and let jeff@darkroomers.com know you want to come so you can get your name on the list.

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Alex Kunz

Our Judge for June is Alex Kunz. Alex is a landscape and nature photographer originally from Germany. He moved to San Diego in 2010 and specializes on our local landscapes. He is currently the San Diego Photo Club vice chair and also teaches Lightroom workshops.

As an introvert, I gain strength in the quiet and solitude of the landscape – and photography is the meditation through which I recharge. The result are images that itself are meditations on landscape and nature, and which I consider not only being photographs, but also objects to enhance living, working and healing spaces with their authenticity, calmness and purity.

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