Nusr.ET restaurant a new way of eating and fun

- Name of restaurant: Nusr.ET. - Number: 02 679 9949. - Price: started from 300 Dh. - Type of food: Serving delicious meat. - My recommendation: Best quality meat. - Directions: The Galleria on Al Maryah Island. - Parking information: Mall parking

ABU DHABI— If you are looking for a restaurant that offers a new way of eating and fun, then Nusr.ET Restaurant in Galleria mall is the destination for you.

Innovation is the least up to expectation may lie mentioned respecting it place. This restaurant features the process of meat and cut in front of the customer to enjoy this moment. Many restaurants it days strive in imitation of compete with beneficial locations, modern food concepts, amour decorations, cool ad campaigns and/or virtue regarding service.

The restaurant is a Turkish style so that all workers at the restaurant wearing Turkish dress but in a weird way because who slicer clad welding and the style of the old Turkish films is completely congruent; that's what makes the restaurant also makes you to live old time atmosphere.

What makes this restaurant special is meat because the owner of this restaurant with goat Ranch and provide convenience for providing meat without any additions you have taste of the meat is fresh and delicious and special.

The menu only one page for all the restaurant's meat too have crudités be beside meat. And now the most beautiful part I got a roast beef and meat is served, but cut in front of the customer in a professional manner and puts forth a little salt.

And after the main meal meat the restaurant serves traditional Turkish Baklava ice cream and also bringing Baklava and sliced in front of the customer in a beautiful way and placed inside her ice cream.

The distribution of the restaurant tables and the place is clean and the restaurant overlooks the sea and there are sessions outside by the sea and there are also sessions inside.

I advise all meat lovers go to this restaurant because the taste of the meat is delicious and fresh, it is true that prices of this restaurant is expensive, but the taste of meat and excellent preparation method.

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Instagram: nusr_et

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